Baking Adventures: Valentine’s Day Cupcakes!

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! This is one of the holidays that isn’t one that I’ll go all out for, and I had just had a baking adventure last month so it does seem really soon to have another but that’s just how it worked out!

My mom and I had been planning to make something with this strawberry cake mix, in fact these photos are from an older post where I used most of the same products! In fact, that was actually last year’s Valentine’s Day Cupcakes! I’m seeing a theme here!


Now this was a sort of a last minute decision. My mom will be out of town for Valentine’s Day so we were sort of celebrating early! So many things were going wrong early on so I forgot to get photos at the beginning of the cupcake making process but it’s the same as any other cake mix, you just add a few ingredients and mix. I used three large heart cupcake molds and a cupcake mold pan that made six smaller cupcakes. I had orignally had a smaller cake pan for the rest of the batter that didn’t fit into the three large heart molds but I remembered last minute that we had the smaller heart molds!


After they were all done I frosted them with strawberry frosting and topped them off with red and pink sprinkles. I did leave one unfrosted as my dad doesn’t like how sweet the cake is with the frosting but the rest were fair game! To be honest, I made them on Sunday and they did not survive long enough to see Valentine’s Day. But they were delicious!

I would say I will branch out and try something new or get a boyfriend or something, but that’s a whole year away and I don’t want to make such a big commitment that far off. So for now let’s just plan on strawberry cupcakes again!

Do you have any accidental traditions for holidays? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for reading!

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