My December Life!

Hi everyone! Time for me to look back on my month and share with you all the cool things I got to do! These aren’t my most popular posts but I really like doing them as they kind of remind me of vlogs on YouTube and I love looking back at my month. I have a terrible memory so looking back helps me keep those events in my mind for sure!

We survived the Great Tree Disaster of 2016! First we had the completely wrong color for the tree skirt but eventually found this lovely silver one. Then the top part of the tree’s lights burnt out but my sister went and found a new string to put on to fix it! Phew!

My sister and I went to our company holiday party last month and had a great time. As it was in a restaurant in the mall we also went to the Harry Potter Christmas event at the Barnes and Noble there. Unfortunately the Harry Potter event wasn’t very interesting so we did a few things and then left. I don’t think it was particularly work staying for (we had to hang about the area for about an hour and a half until it started) so that sucked but I got a cute photo out of it!



I went to see The Nutcracker last month with a friend. We went to brunch first thing early on and then went to see the ballet. It wasn’t the best, as the dancers are all students of a local ballet school, but it was fun and we had a great time!

Then my mom, sister, and I spent a very cold and snowy day downtown in Chicago. I did a whole post on my Christmas Inspired Day in which we saw the Chicago #Ham4Ham performance, stopped by the Christkindlemarket in Daley Plaza, and then went to Phantom of the Opera at the Cadillac Palace Theatre which I also reviewed.


For Christmas my sister, cousin, and I hung out as we celebrated. We stay up until midnight on Christmas because our Hispanic family thinks we should as Jesus was apparently born at midnight. We just had a great time playing the board game “Pandemic”,Β  the popular card game “Uno”, and reading our respective books. It was a good night!


I included these in my December Favorites but tamales are life!!!


We went to the movie theatre last week. We intended to watch Moana but as our theatre is insanely popular on Tuesdays for $5 Tuesdays (all tickets are $5) all the good movies were sold out when we arrived just after noon. We ended up getting tickets for Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. It wasn’t so bad so that was fine. Oh and I found this giant Beauty and the Beast poster that I wanted to steal! I can’t wait to see it!


And to finish off the month, I went for a run! I haven’t run in ages but I felt suddenly inspired last week. Unfortunately it gave me a slight cold so I didn’t go the rest of the holiday break, but I hope to get new running shoes and run more often in 2017!

And that’s my December! Let me know what you’ve been up to this month.

Thanks for reading!


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