Christmas Cupcakes! – Blogmas Day 24

Hey everyone! We made it through Blogmas! Today will be a nice little post on the cupcakes I made for Christmas. 

First up, to follow up on my Blogmas post from yesterday, my sister and mom went out to the store yesterday and bought a string of white lights and put it on the tree. Christmas is saved!

So onto the cupcakes. We have a guests coming to our house for the first time in years for Christmas. I’m pretty excited! So I had already planned to make cupcakes for Christmas but now that we have guests the pressure is on to make sure they’re good!


So I started with this little cupcake set. It is inspired by The Nutcracker so I thought it would be perfect!


I used this Pillsbury Purely Simple Chocolate Cake & Cupcake mix. I went to the store and was having major chocolate cravings so this one won out of all the possibilities on the shelf!


I forgot to take a photo of the frosting before I started using it but I had the Pillsbury Confetti Funfetti Chocolate Fudge frosting. I told you, serious chocolate cravings! It came with funfetti sprinkles on it as well that I thought was super cute.


I followed all the instructions on the box, stuck them in the oven, let them cool in the garage while my dad, sister, and I shoveled some snow, and then decorated! I put the chocolate frosting in a ziplock bag and cut the corner to use to decorate. It didn’t look that great in my opinion but my mom and dad were very reassuring that they look nice. Plus with the sprinkles and toppers I think it takes the attention away from the frosting!

I had my family share ONE cupcake to taste them and make sure they were good. My dad had been teasing that it smelled like they had burnt so I wanted to make sure they were good before putting everything away. If they weren’t I was going to take out the strawberry cake mix we had to make that! But everyone liked them so I guess that was a success!

Hopefully our guests like them!

Let me know what your favorite desert is for Christmas and if you make your own!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone and thanks for reading!



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