Christmas Panic!!! – Blogmas Day 23

Hey everyone! So… I’m only slightly panicking about Christmas. Oh dear, where should I start?So first off, normally Christmas is a nice quite affair at my house. We don’t go anywhere, or do anything, or have people over, nothing. We just sit at home, watch Harry Potter movies, my mom makes a Hispanic dish called mole (a type of spicey sauce) with chicken, and we open presents at midnight.


In fact, my post today was going to be all my Christmas plans, just in more detail, but more or less what is stated above.

But! Now everything has suddenly changed. Yesterday my dad told me he invited his brother and his wife (so my uncle and aunt) to come for Christmas and they’d accepted. Which is 100% okay with me because I really like them tons! But now instead of hanging about in my PJs all day I guess I have to plan an outfit and makeup.

I’m wondering if they’ll want to attend a Christmas mass though. I’m not religious at all, I’m actually atheist but I kinda want to go and experience it this year. If not, no big deal.

My mom, sister, and I went to the library yesterday, as we tend to do on Thursdays and we picked up two movies in case our guests want to watch something other than Harry Potter.

I’m still making desert, I’m going to make some cupcakes and I’ll likely do a post on that either tomorrow or after the holidays. We’ll see!

Unfortunately we have a very slight problem. Nothing life changing or anything, it’s a super first world problem.


And that’s the main source of my panic. We couldn’t find the bulb that was out and this is the only white tree we have. This is important because my vision for the tree this year was specifically to have navy blue baubles to go on the white tree.

Since two of our three trees (we only use artificial trees) are pre-lit we don’t really have a lot of strings of lights anymore. And the only tree that we have that does not have attached lights is green so the strings are green. We did try to find the bulb that burnt out but all of them on the top look burnt so I guess it was the whole section above the bulb that caused the problem in the first place.

My dad thinks we have a string of white lights somewhere but I highly doubt that and if we don’t, then we either have to go out and get one or take the entire tree down and put up a green one that will mess up all of my tree visions for this year.


Also we bought a silver tree skirt specifically for this tree and the color scheme so this is still less than optimal. Plus I don’t think the navy blue ornaments will look nearly as good on a green tree (although the silver ones should look great).

So that’s my biggest dilemma now. In addition to now having to plan to have a completely clean house and find more presents, but you know, that’s doable. Just the tree is causing me some slight stress. If you put up trees you know it can take awhile.

But we’ll make it work and figure something out! Luckily we do have the other trees and tons of baubles from past years so that’s fine too. But of course the tree had to decide to not work the one year we’ll have guests!

Ah well, hopefully you’re having less panic times over Christmas. If not, feel free to tell me below. πŸ™‚ How will you be spending your Christmas?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Merry Christmas to you, may joy of Christmas fulfill your heart, home and life.
    God bless you with bliss and prosperityt too.
    May we can be friends from this Christmas even through wordpress. I like make friendship πŸ™‚
    Call me Ira.
    Warmest hug from Ira ^_^v

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