Merry Christmas to Me! – Blogmas Day 10

Hey everyone! So a large part of Christmas is presents. Yes, usually what you’ve gotten for other people, but today, I’ll be talking about a special something I’ve bought myself!

First up, my new domain! Yup, I finally did it! Now this isn’t strictly a Christmas present to me, because I wasn’t planning on doing it for Christmas, it just ended up being at this time. My real reason for getting it was because I promised myself I’d buy my own domain for myself when I reached my first 100 followers!

So if you’re subscribed to me, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


You’ll now be able to reach my blog at as well as the usual

My blog is a little over a year old, I’ve written 127 posts, took a million pictures, wrote a gazillion words, and drank a billion cups of tea. Only the first two of those were actual numbers. And as of today, I actually have 102 followers and I’m thankful for each and every one of you.


Like many others, I don’t write this blog just to get followers or anything like that, but it’s always nice to be appreciated and knowing that people have given me their time to read what I’ve written.


Blogging is work and it can be hard, but it’s so rewarding and creative. I really enjoy the time I’ve put into it and sharing a bit of my life with you. I honestly do appreciate everyone who follows, reads, comments, or likes my posts.

So once again thank you and if you have any requests for Blogmas posts from me, let me know! Also feel free to tell me what you like the most about my blogs in the comments as well.

Thanks for reading!


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