Holiday Spa Basket! – Blogmas Day 9

Hey everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 9! Today I’ll go over everything I bought for this spa basket for work! If you don’t know, I’m on the Social Committee at work, so we plan our holiday party, among other things, for the office. For the holiday party and our summer picnic, we put together prizes for people to win. Normally we do themed baskets for the raffles.

This year I volunteered to put together the spa basket. I had a budget of $75 and I came in at $73 and some change. I found everything I needed in T.J. Maxx so it was very convenient. Woohoo! I do have quite  a few items to get through, so I’ll jump into it.

Here we go!

dsc00541This is the basket that I got to put everything in. It’s gold and shimmery so I thought it would be eye catching for the raffle and useful for people to store items in. I still use the basket that I won (also a spa basket) two years ago when I first started at the company, and so I hope someone will get a ton of use out of this.


I also got this paper stuff as well to prop everything up. The basket is quite tall and not all my items are so I thought this would help display everything.


I picked up some lavender bath salts for the basket. It is quite a large bottle so I hope whoever gets the basket loves lavender!


I also got this bath kit, that includes a shower cap, shower puff, and body items as well.


I also found this peppermint lotion in this super cute packaging. I couldn’t pass it up!


I then found these three soaps packaged together in a holiday theme. Their scent is winter pear so I wish it had been three different scents in case someone doesn’t like it but I thought they were cute.


I did manage to get an assortment of oils which I thought were essential oils but turned out to be massage oil. Oh well! I liked that they were labelled as natural and in cute simple packaging.


And I found this adorable snowman face mask! How cute is this!!! It is a moisturizing jojoba oil mask and I hope whoever gets it will take a selfie in it.


No spa basket would be complete without bath bombs! I found this set and added it in.


As everyone has such different smell preferences I added three candles. Wild Honey Nectar, Lavender Chamomile, and Lilac Blossom. They were fun to add and good additions to add for relaxation.


I almost forgot to add this in entirely! I also got some cucumber water face mist for hydration. I love the smell of cucumber but I know not everyone does so I was a little worried about this one but hopefully someone likes it.


And here it is altogether!

Last year I did the fitness basket so it was a welcome change. Let me know what you’d like in your spa basket if you won one in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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