Baking a Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Cake! – Blogmas Day 8

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Blogmas post! I thought I’d post all about this Trader Joe’s cinnamon cake that I made. Technically I did make it last month but as I made it for Thanksgiving, I’m still counting it as overall holiday themed. I love anything with cinnamon, especially this time of year so I couldn’t wait to make it.

Here we go!

I bought the Baker Josef’s Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake Mix from Trader Joe’s. In the box were two mixes, one for the cake and one for the crumbs. I just followed the directions and ingredients on the back of the box which included vegetable oil, butter, eggs, etc. All the usual stuff!


I had my sister take some pictures while I worked so that was great! While I love to bake I don’t do it often as my mom is often in the kitchen all the time. I love her but she’s always getting in the way! She also doesn’t keep her kitchen very organized so it’s so hard trying to find stuff to use. It’s a real scavenger hunt!


Eventually I was able to get the mix all done and I stuck that in the oven. I didn’t read all the directions otherwise I would have known to only put half the batter in and then take it out, put the crumbs on it and then put the rest in on top. Oh well! I was in a hurry to try and get it all done so it didn’t quite work out the way it was supposed to.


The crumbs took forever to make anyway, as I had to crush butter into it. After I realized it was supposed to be in the cake already I just poured it on top and let it bake a little extra.


I was worried the cake would be too runny as it did look like the recipe had called for way too many wet ingredients. In the end though it was nice and spongy. The crumbles were good too but definitely a lot of sugar and a lot of butter went into this cake. I don’t think I’ll be making this cake again as it was a lot but I might if I ever want to try to make it properly!


And that’s my baking adventure! I do hope to back something else this month but I’m not quite sure what I’ll bake yet. We shall see! Let me know what you love to bake during the holiday season in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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