My November Life! – Blogmas Day 7

Hey everyone! Here we are, we made it to December! Which means it’s time to look back on November which already seems so long ago. I had a bit of a quiet month so this post won’t be that long but I did enjoy it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing month, especially leading up to the holidays!

Here we go!


First major event that happened in October is that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series! I’m not a sports person but it was nice to see so many people around me excited and focused on something together, although I wish they had shown as much interested in what was coming next. Ah well. Still, the Cubs (a baseball team if you’re unfamiliar) had not won the World Series in over 100 years so it was a very exciting event to witness. I did watch the final game and am happy I did so.

I voted! And I’ll leave it at that. If you are interested in reading more of my thoughts on this you can read the post linked here.


It has been an unseasonably warm fall and winter so far, so Six Flags Great America added an extra weekend of fun after Fright Fest. My mom and I ate at the Moose Burger Lodge for the first time (pictured above) and it was amazing! It took an hour to get food but the park was packed and it was really good, so it wasn’t unexpected.



After a day of thrills my mom, sister, and I headed to a high school musical production of The Addams Family. It was a lot of fun and the band director was very cute. The kids performing were quite good but I don’t think I’ll go to another high school production. The kids in the audience were so loud and poorly behaved! The girls next to me were unsupervised so I guess that could be the reason why but the girl that sat in the seat next to me had no concept of the idea that she had to stay in her seat rather than bouncing around and trying to be in mine. It also started about 15-20 minutes after it was meant to so that was unimpressive. Still, it was fun and great to see.

In the month I also attended a Harry Potter “After Hours” event at the library. The event was for older teens and adults only and the library opened specifically for attendees at this event. My sister and I were the only adults at a table of teens so it was nice to talk to some young people and get their view on life. They were mostly preoccupied in school and some were preparing to head off to college next year so some reassuring happened. We also had a trivia contest that my table won! My sister and I were both huge contributors to this quiz but we of course let the younger kids pick their prizes first. Because of that we didn’t get anything good but it was still fun. We also got to take home handmade wands that a library employee made. I loved mine as there was an emerald glued to the end and it made it all fancy!


I managed to squeeze another theatre production in this month, Singin in the Rain! I went to the Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre again for this one and it was amazing! It actually rained on stage! The decor was fabulous and the crowd really seemed to love it. Anytime that there was a black-and-white film scene the characters would “film” it in their brightly colored costumes. Then when it came time to watch the “film” the actors would come out but in black and white versions of the costumes they had just been wearing! The tap dancing was superb and the music was incredible. I would have loved to see this one again.

And there you have it! A fun and nice November for me! Let me know what you were up to last month in the comments if you’d like. This is the last non-holiday specific post I have planned so the rest of Blogmas will be holiday themed! (Unless I have a change of plans, who knows.)

Thanks for reading!


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