Christmas Decor! – Blogmas Day 5

Hey everyone! Most of my decorating happens on the tree but I have a few festive things that I have put up in my home office. Here we go!


You’ve already seen my tree but I figured I’d post it here as well. This year we went with the white tree and I bought new ornaments that are navy blue and silver. We have since bought a silver tree skirt but as our tree is usually red and gold, so that’s what we had. My sister pointed out that I made the tree my Ravenclaw house colors (although the house colors are actually blue and bronze not blue and silver). I didn’t intend to do this as the theme, I just wanted blue for a change!


I got all the baubles in a giant tub of 100 ornaments from Target and got the beading rope that goes around the tree there as well. I also got little blue diamond ornaments from there and the tree is actually from Target, just from a few years ago. The new tree skirt is actually from Menards. The angel at the top is from Target, we got it a few years ago but I’ve seen it there this year as well. It is silver when unlit but does glow gold when you light it up which I wasn’t too thrilled with, but it’ll do.


There are plenty of ornaments that I’ve bought over the years that are very cute but didn’t work with my tree theme. I have a little tree (like 3 ft tall) in the basement that I might try to add these to but then that means that I have to take the tree down so for now they’re on my shelf. I’ve gotten most of these from a Christmas market I try to attend every year in downtown Chicago.


I have a little peacock ornament that I don’t remember where I got it from (I think it was from the market but I can no longer remember). I got a little snowy owl at the Christmas market because it reminded me of Hedwig from Harry Potter and it was the year the last movie came out in theaters. I also have a little voodoo style Elsa that is meant to be a key chain but I use her as an ornament.


I have a little clown fish ornament as I used to have an orange car named “Nemo”, after the orange clown fish in the Pixar movie “Finding Nemo”. I have two birds, one blue jay that I bought as my Alma Mater had a blue jay as a mascot, and a red bird that reminded me of a phoenix, again, from Harry Potter. The only ornament from this photo is the blue bauble behind the red bird, which my sister got for me from an antique store. It would fit on the tree this year but I’m worried it’ll break due to age. And the last one in the picture is a gold carousel ornament. It’s beautiful but so fragile so I don’t ever want to put it on the tree.


During the holidays I also display these Christmas mugs I got at the market. In case you’re wondering, it is the Christkindlmarket in Chicago. If you want to see these more close up, please visit my post from last year that I’ll link here! That is one of my first posts so it’s been awhile since I’ve recommended that one!


I have a pretty ballerina as well. Since she’s pretty fragile I don’t put her on the tree either. I also have a pair of ballerina shoes somewhere that my mother ran off with! The reason for this is because I took ballet classes in college and got to perform as a ballerina at the end of the semester. I was pretty ballet obsessed for awhile there and while I would love to dance again, I haven’t found adult beginner classes that work with my schedule and are in my general area.


I picked up the cutest sign at Target’s dollar section (if you don’t know already I love Target) and I was originally going to take it to work but loved it so much I kept it at home.


And lastly I replaced my banner in my office and put up this glittery stars one, again from the Target dollar section. I love it although I do wish the stars were a bit bigger as they can blend into the background.


And that’s my decor post! Let me know how you decorate for the holidays in the comments! Also, feel free to leave any Blogmas post requests as well.

Thanks for reading!

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