Huge Fall/Winter Haul! – Blogmas Day 3

Hey everyone! Today’s haul is mostly from today and Black Friday but I have a few things that I bought earlier as well. I got a ton of stuff. I won’t include any presents that I’ve bought for other people in this post as I haven’t given it to them, and I’m not including anything I’ve bought for my company’s holiday party. I am on the Social Committee at work so I got to put together the spa basket that will be raffled off. I’ll do a separate post all about that later!

So off to the haul, here we go!



I’m thinking I should have switched these two letters for my blog but I have them this way because they’re my initials! I struggle a lot with finding the letter “P” every time I want to find something with my initials. So when I saw that both of my initials were available in the same style I had to have them. They aren’t as fancy as I wanted them but they do remind me of the barn I ride at so I’m okay with it. As I look at them in the photo I think I might have the “S” upside down… Oh, and one thing I don’t like about them is that the “P” doesn’t stand on it’s own. I did manage to fix it for now after sticking a nail file under one end though.

The copper lights in front of the letters are actually from the dollar section at Target. I like them but they’re not arranged properly because they’re actually for a shelf that I’m waiting for my dad to put up in my home office.



First I picked up this cool raincoat from the active wear line at Target, C9. I like that the sleeves are kind of half jacket, half fake sleeves of a long sleeve shirt. I don’t think it’ll hold up against heavy rain but should do the trick on lighter rain days.


I also bought these brown boots at Target. I wanted to find this style but in hunter green as I used to have a pair that I really loved years ago and wanted to replace. I couldn’t find green but I did find these brown ones! (Also yes, I wear 6 1/2 sized shoes.)


I bought this dress today at Target. I thought it was so cute and was on sale! I might wear it to the holiday party but I haven’t quite decided.


Lastly from Target, I got these Phillips wireless headphones. I really like them but it’s so easy to forget to charge them! Also you can only charge them from a small charging cable they came with and I wish it was longer. Still they are great quality and the charge does hold a long time!

J.C. Penny


I bought these little black ankle booties at J.C. Penny recently and I love them! They have a little buckle on them and have a quilted pattern at the back of the heel. I want to wear them to the holiday party but haven’t picked an outfit yet so we shall see!



I picked up this beautiful blue, grey, and black geometric patterned handbag at Ross while in Chicago. My mom, sister, and I were downtown passing some time before going to see the musical Hamilton in October which meant I had to carry it all around and stuff it under my seat in the theatre! I can’t wait to use it after the holidays as I’m much too attached to my rose gold MK bag that I’m using now.

T. J. Maxx

At T. J. Maxx I picked up a bar of soap scented of peony, rose, and vanilla. I also got a pair of sunglasses that I really fell in love with!



I picked up a few things at Gap during my “Black Friday” shopping. In reality I went on the Saturday after Black Friday but all the sales were still going on and I found some cute things. I got this nice hoodie which has thumb holes! No pockets though…


I also picked up this sweater that has wing-like sleeves and a hood. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use from it come spring. I think it might be too bulky to wear under a coat now that it’s colder.

I also found a nice ear band to wear as I don’t like wearing hats. As I’m always in jeans and I wear them out so quickly I also found a new pair.


And lastly I picked up this pants from the active wear section. I love the blue stripes on the side and can’t wait to wear it! Guess I have to start running!

Charming Charlie


In preparation of any more surprise beach vacations (see my Pamela In Mexico posts 2 and 3 from this past summer) I bought this light swim suit cover up. I don’t think there will be any more surprise beach  vacations soon but you never really know!


I also picked up this nice dress that was on sale as well. It’s more a spring dress to me so I likely won’t wear it soon but I still liked it.

And outside of the store was a giant spin wheel. I won a card that gave me a discount for earring so I found a pack of 6 pairs and 1 other pair that I liked. Oh, in the 6 pair pack the little black pearl earrings are from Charming Charlie but not from this pack. They were ones I was already wearing but I put on the black ones (that were just like the white and grey ones from that row) and I’m still wearing them so I didn’t put them back. Whoops! I also bought two necklaces as I was trying to use a different promotion but as the dress was on sale (it hadn’t been marked so I didn’t know) I didn’t meet the dollar amount for it and so I got these necklaces to do so!

Six Flags

I got these back in October at the end of Fright Fest, when Six Flags had a mega sale on all their merch. I figured I could wear this next year on Hurricane Harbor days as you do have to be fully dressed to enter the rest of the park.



From my favorite store, Loft, I picked up this today! It’s a knitted sweater with no sleeves that I can’t wait to pair with a long sleeve shirt. Honestly, I thought it didn’t look bad without sleeves when I tried it on but my mom hated that look so I guess it wasn’t as cute as I thought it did because she immediately said I needed a long sleeve. I particularly love the collar on it as it’s like a built in scarf!


I found yet another pair of jeans! Seriously, I go through jeans like crazy! Probably because I wear jeans when I go riding.

David’s Tea


While in Naperville to attend a book signing I stopped by David’s Tea. I really love their stores, teas, and service, but I don’t have a store close to me that I can easily get to. I bought three teas, Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait (a herbal tea), Pink Flamingo (herbal tea), and Glitter and Gold (black tea that supposedly sparkles!). I also got an infuser as I don’t have one that I can use in regular mugs.

Bath and Body Works


So I went a little crazy at Bath and Body Works today… All their 3 wick candles were on sale so I bought a bunch! This isn’t all I bought actually but the others are gifts so I’ll only show the ones I got for myself. I got a Vanilla Blossom and two White Gardenia candles as I love the scent. Seriously, gardenia, rose, and peony are my favorites. I also have a little Peony Petals candle that I actually got at T.J. Maxx.


Bath and Body Works always sends offers to my home as I buy quite a bit from there. I got this shower gel for free. The scent is Endless Weekend and I’m not quite sure what’s in it but it’s amazing!



Lastly I bought these at Sephora today! Two holiday kits from Ole Hendriksen. I had an offer from Sephora as well for being a VIB so I went it to see if I could find anything I wanted. I honestly have a ton of make up so I didn’t really want to buy any more but I did have a look through the skin care.

The lovely guy working there helped me find these two kits as I use the Nurture Me moisturizer already. I got the setting spray/hydrating mist in one and wipes in the kit as well as more moisturizer. I also bought the serum and oil kit which are meant to help with anti-aging. I am 25 and a half (lols) so I have to start thinking of this stuff!

And the last thing I got was this 500 point perk with four Glam Glow products! I haven’t tried any of them and as the cashier said I had “FOURTEEN HUNDRED POINTS!” She seemed to take it personally that I had so many points, and I was fine with spending some on this perk.

And that’s my haul! I don’t think I forgot anything but it’s been awhile since my last haul so I might have forgotten a few things. Whoops! Anyway, let me know what you’ve bought lately.

Also woohoo for completing Day 3 of Blogmas! I’ll be blogging every day until Christmas so let me know if you have any suggestions for me as I still have a few more days to go.

Thanks for reading!

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