My November Equestrian Life!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Today’s post will be all about my November riding experiences. Now, the month isn’t over so technically I do have one more lesson this month but I’ll just include that in next month’s post.


As you can see, Sapphire and I are now great friends! She has been very insistent on cuddling this month as I try to brush her and lead her anywhere. The only time she isn’t happy is when her saddle is put on and tightened, but that’s just her thing. According to my instructor she had a rider that tightened her girth immediately after putting on the saddle rather than slowly tightening it. She still hates that part of tacking her up so I just try to be calm and pet her lots.


Oh, I can also now take pictures from on top of the horse! I wish the lighting was better in the arena, but here you can see Sapphire’s head.We had a really, really good lesson together this month. It was amazing! I felt like I really got everything and felt really good the whole time. My instructor did say that now that I’m getting to be a better rider I should get myself some cowboy boots. I really want to ride English someday so I was a little disappointed that I’m still being pushed to Western but that’s fine. Maybe instead of jumping I’ll try trick riding!


I also rode Chopper again this month! He sucks for trot and it was hard to get him to canter. He also veers into the middle of the arena whereas Sapphire is great at saying at the edge. He has his challenges for me and I’m glad to get the chance to ride other horses as not all of them are the same. Oh, and I’ve been riding bareback after every lesson and it’s getting to be much more comfortable and much easier. I’ve only been riding bareback at a walk but I kinda want to try and go faster soon!

Overall it’s been a great month. I feel very confident now tacking up the horses and getting on them, and I’m feeling better about the bareback riding too. I can’t wait to see where I am in a few more months!

Barn Shenanigans!

Let me know what your favorite hobby has been this month. Or, if you’re a rider, what your top moment of the month was with your horse!

Thanks for reading!

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