Dirty 30 Movie Review!

Hey everyone! If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Youtube and Youtubers, particularly the three ladies behind Dirty 30. Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart definitely exceeded my expectations in this movie.

Mamrie, of You Deserve a Drink, was one of the writers of this film, just as she had on the group’s previous movie, Camp Takota. I don’t watch a ton of comedy films, so in order for me to make time to watch a comedy I like to be a fan of the people who work on it. Like Camp Takota and Dirty 30 are both comedies inspired by the lives of the three leading ladies. This time Mamrie drew from her own experiences of turning 30 and the conflicts that come with it as society’s pressures force her to look at her life through a critical lens.


In the film Mamrie plays 29-going-on-30 Kate, who is quite content with her life until a letter arrives from teenage Kate that a teacher kept and mailed out to her. Teen Kate writes all her hopes and dreams for 30 year old Kate, which really brings her down as she realizes that she hasn’t achieved the goals Teen Kate had set out for herself.

Hannah, of My Drunk Kitchen, plays Charlie, Kate’s long time friend with a few secrets of her own. Charlie owns a t-shirt making company and she schemes to gain more business, especially when she meets the person who was once her high school peer and is now in charge of ordering the shirts for the school.

Grace, of It’s Grace, rounds out the “Holy Trinity” (as referred to by their fans) and plays Evie, who is trying to balance an unhappy and unsatisfying marriage which conflicts with her career, that she finds fulfilling, and the friends she loves so much. Evie convinces Kate to let her throw Kate a 30th birthday party to remember and ignores Kate’s wishes for  small get together and goes for a night to remember.

The three stars of the film have great chemistry in the film, just as they do on YouTube. Their personalities still shine through their characters, which you would expect for roles written specifically for them, meant to make them shine.

The plot itself is very predictable, and hilarious all the same. Like I said, I don’t watch many comedies so it’s great to be able to tick off everything on the comedy check list. Dramatic ex’s, the high school mean girl, the party in the nice mansion that is sure to destroy the house, their drunken moments of truth, even a jail stint makes it in there. Laugh after laugh made this a very enjoyable 86 minutes.

YouTubers Joselyn Hughes, Anna Akana, Flula Borg, Lee Newton, Rhett and Link, Chester See, and Tim DeLaGhetto made appearances. And those are just the ones that I know. All of their characters also provide laughs and surprises throughout the story. Anna’s performance is absolutely amazing, and her efforts to get the perfect amount of jalapenos onto her nachos was hilarious.

Overall this film gets four out of five stars from me. It exceed all my expectations and was much funnier than I thought it would be. I do think it’s better than Camp Takota as it’s more complex with more subplots that intertwine and compliment each other perfectly. I definitely needed this movie because I desperately needed a laugh after last week’s events. I can always count on these three ladies to make me laugh.

Thank you Grace, Hannah, and Mamrie for a job well done. And thank you Target for strategically placing this movie at the checkout lane and offering 20% off all movies on Cartwheel.

If you’ve seen this film let me know your thoughts! If you haven’t, what’s been a good film you’ve watched lately? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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