Decor at my work desk! 

Hey everyone! I was at a loss about what to write about today, to be honest. But sometimes you can just look around and see some inspiration. 

Originally I was going to do a decor post for my home office but that room is still a mess. I have stuff all over that I don’t have a place for and stuff I want to donate just all over the room. 

Luckily I have a work office desk that’s slightly cleaner! 

Here we go! 

So my work desk is pretty spacious. I think a lot of you might have seen photos of it from my May posts when my coworkers decorated my desk for my birthday. (They’re the best and they send me Harry Potter links and Hamilton videos.) You might also remember that this is the new office as we moved February of this year but I’ve been with the company almost a year and a half now. 

So it’s pretty ordinary and messy because I had already moved in for the morning. I get two screens, I keep my bag on my desk, and I have my mug from my tea this morning and a water cup with a straw. 

We also have a little locker system at the desk that we can lock. I guess I’m pretty trusting because my bag just stays on my desk and I never lock the locker. I do have hangers in there for my coat and to leave my blanket in there as it can get cold. Otherwise just office supplies in the drawers and old files and momentoes from my time here. 

I also have magnetic paper pads from a coworker and a magnet with all the work insurance info from HR. 

On top of my locker I have a few little items. One of my coworkers left the company recently and she left me this bear. Another coworker and I named him Otis. Then I also have a robot I built myself that another coworker brought back from an event she worked at earlier this year. And because my company is owned by a large travel company the parent company’s goal is to help end human trafficking. So I keep the bracelet at my desk as well. 

So behind the locker thing we have little shelves! They are super handy but also wide open so everyone can see your mess… 

The small baskets I bought at Target though really help! I also have Target pencil holders and a photo of my sister and myself. 

On my walls I have a Wonder Woman mask that one of my coworkers (the same one who gave me Otis) brought back from a company event. I also have a sign up from Micheals that says “Always wear your invisible crown”. 

And finally, my boss gave me this lovely thank you card. I really liked it so I have left it up at my desk. 

That’s basically it! All the rest is calendars and binders and papers. Let me know what you like to put up at your desk! 

Thanks for reading! 

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