My October Equestrian Life! 

Hey everyone! It’ll be a short post today. I only had two lessons this month, can you believe it? 

I’ll explain more on why I missed in my October recap post next week but essentially I had a work trip one week and the other I had a day trip into downtown Chicago. 

So what have I been up to? Oh more of the same, cantering, tacking up the horse, etc. This month I rode Chopper and Sapphire, the cutest horses around! Haha!

I did get a few new tips though. I have been sitting and leaning too far forward so I have been working on sitting back. Through various YouTube videos and my instructor I’ve learned that this will help me keep my balance should my horse spook or change directions suddenly. 

I’ve also have been practicing telling my horse where to go with my whole body. I tend to look down when trying to turn, and I should be looking ahead. I also learned that you can use your legs to tell the horse where to go as well. That was a real lightbulb moment for me! It was so easy to turn that way!!!

And lastly, I’ve been riding bareback! I started this last month but at the end of every lesson I get to do it for a bit now. It’s still terrifying but also exciting. Apparently my instructor thinks it’s safe to canter on bareback someday and I think she’s a tad bit crazy. I’ll stick with a slow walk!!! 

And that’s essentially my October riding summed up! I’m still having fun riding so I’m going to keep at it. I’ve been riding for six months now (started in April!) and I have learned so much but have so much more to learn. Who would have thought I would love riding so much!!

Thanks for reading! 

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