My October Favorites!

Hey everyone! I have a few favorites for the month to share with you today! 

October really flew by didn’t it? This month I have new stuff and stuff I haven’t featured in awhile.

Here we go!

Decor Faves!

First up is this Day of the Dead candle holder from Target! I talked about this one in my recent haul (which you can find here). I think it’s a very beautiful decoration for the upcoming holiday.


I have two favorites in this one. One is the new display set up I have! I went over this in a previous post but I got a free monitor from work and now I have my laptop hooked up via an Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter so I can work from two screens. It’s amazing!

Second is the Halloween banner in the background. I normally string up up the banner from the curtain things that are supposed to hold open the curtain. I switch it out every season or before every holiday. For Halloween it’s little bats! Let me know if you want a separate post on all the banners I have so far or when I switch them out!

Beauty Faves!


I have been wearing this old Laura Mercier foundation this month. It’s nearly out so I need to decide if I’m going to replace it or not. I think I’m going to go with not, although I really like it. I just want to try something new! But I would definitely go back to this one in the future.


I’ve ventured more into the land of brow products again. If you’ll remember, I bought this item a while back but hadn’t actually started using it. I like it, although I think it’s too light for my eyebrows so I might try to find a darker version of this one. The brush it comes with isn’t great, so I’ve been using an older eyeliner brush to apply this one.


I think this is the second month in a row that the new Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume in Rose has been in my favorites! I really love this perfume and wear it whenever I remember to put perfume on. Which to be honest, isn’t all that often.


The powder I’ve been using all month has been this Laura Mercier Translucent powder. I don’t use it with the puff as I always feel that the puffs take all my foundation off rather than set it with powder but my brush does the job just fine.

I’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t use nail polish as I always chip my nails so quickly. But for the last two weeks I’ve been using my new nail polishes from Mexico and they seem to be working! I used this Bissu polish in Volcano and this Bonicolors polish with no cool name. Volcano is a shiny red and the Bonicolors is a posh pink color. I love them both!


As we head into colder weather my lips have immediately protested. I use this Lypsyl lip balm to keep from having crazy chapped lips and so far it’s working! I keep one at home and one at the office for whenever I need it.


After running out of my NYX setting spray I did actually go to the store to replace it. Unfortuantely it was sold out so I ended up picking up this L’Oreal Infallible Setting Spray. I have really liked it as it does the job and sprays in a finer mist than the NYX did. I don’t think it extends the make up any longer than the NYX spray did, I would say they’re pretty comparable in that regard. Still the mist is definitely enough to bump it over the NYX one!


I have also used this NYC Lovatics by Demi palette in Natural. I still love the Bissu palette and use it a lot still but I wanted to switch it up and grabbed this one. Definitely a good idea!

Fashion Fave!


These boots! I wrote about them in my Fall Fashion Fall Fashion post and everyone seemed to love them as much as I did! They are black BareTraps and are super comfortable, warm, and easy to wear with anything!

And that’s my October Favorites! Let me know what you’ve been loving this month!

Thanks for reading!

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