Book Review: Buffering by Hannah Hart

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d do a spoiler-free book review of Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded by Hannah Hart!

About Hannah


For those of you that don’t know, Hannah Hart is an online content creator who is best known for her YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen on her channel MyHarto. She is also the New York Times Best Selling Author of My Drunk Kitchen, a cookbook that is similar to her online content. I’ve followed her channel since she perhaps her fourth video, or sometime around then. It’s been awhile! Hannah has always been a great source of entertainment and inspiration to me, and over the years she’s slowly revealed parts of her life that have been very personal.

While I always wondered about the whole story, I knew it wasn’t Hannah’s job to provide the internet with every detail about her life. And when she announced that she was writing a book with her secrets I was surprised as she always seemed like a private person.

What I knew about the book going in…


I first met Hannah at BookCon earlier this year (read my post on BookCon here!) where Hannah was promoting her upcoming book and where she would be speaking at. I listened to her while she gave an interview for an online and then later that day I attended her event on the main stage.

Up until that point I had expected a book like Tyler Oakley’s Binge or Mamrie Hart’s (no relation to Hannah but they are bffs) You Deserve a Drink, a fun-type of autobiographical collection of stories full of drunkenness and perhaps poor judgement. In other words, an entertaining book rather than a serious book. But Hannah’s talk made it clear that Buffering would not be that. She didn’t say anything new although she did reveal her book cover at the end while asking everyone not to take pictures as it wouldn’t be officially revealed until a few days later.

The Book Review!

True to her word, Buffering was a very serious book. The effort and thought she put into it could be seen immediately from the first chapter “Trigger Warning”, which she warns readers that she’s going to cover part of her life that are unpleasant and may cause discomfort for the reader.

Hannah writes beautifully as she describes difficult parts of her life and how she’s dealt with them, or is dealing with them. She also very eloquently and compellingly writes calls to action for her readers to become more aware of certain issues that she’s encountered or provides information on how to get out of those situations. This is a very deep telling and much more along the lines of her personal sit down videos rather than her MDK series.

If you haven’t read a Youtube book because of the writing, you don’t have anything to worry about with this one. This is the book Youtube fans have been expecting and waiting for, the one that really shows the person behind the channel and does so with a high quality of writing. It’s a fast read as well and provides a lot of reflection throughout the way.

It’s clear that despite her past struggles, Hannah is committed to being optimistic and relentlessly committed to using her experiences to help others. This book is very much Hannah, unmistakably so, but she’s a rawer and more vulnerable Hannah. Hannah tackles each difficult topic with grace and strength, directly and thoughtfully, seriously and tactfully.

I really enjoyed Buffering as it was incredibly good. Definitely an eye opening read for me. I gave this book 5/5 stars, and it will be joining my “favorite” book shelf!

And that’s my review! As you can see from the thumbnail and the pictures above, I met Hannah and got my book signed. I’ll talk more about this in my monthly life post next week on Wednesday so be on the lookout for that.

Thanks for reading!


  1. […] And you might already know if you read my previous posts but I met Hannah Hart, youtuber and star of My Drunk Kitchen, at a book signing in Nashville, IL. Hannah wrote her second book, an autobiography called Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded, and I knew I had to get it. It was super easy buying the tickets, especially since I’d used the same system already to meet other authors on their book tours. Hannah was so incredibly sweet and lovely. The fans in line were too (for the most part). Three other fans in line next to my sister and I hung out with us. We were numbers 160-164 (one person didn’t show somewhere in there) and we had a blast. Unfortunately something always seems to go wrong at Anderson’s bookstore so when it was our turn to go get our books they forgot about us and skipped our row. By the time the realized they’d messed it they had already allowed groups in the 200s to go through. We were having fun so it wasn’t too bad, just annoying, especially as they had put up a sign that said 160 on it so they would know when to call us up. Oh well, we got our books and photos with Hannah so it all worked out! Btw, I did a book review on Buffering if you’d like to check it out herehere! […]


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