Fall OOTD!

Hey everyone! Since I did a fall make up look and a fall haul, I thought I would do a fall outfit post! 

Below are the outfits I’ve worn to work all week. Here we go!

My first outfit was a grey sweater with pockets! It can get really cold in the office so I wanted to have something warm on. Since it was all plain grey I added this colorful red scarf with pink flowers from Charming Charlie to brighten it up. 

Ignore the messy hair! On Tuesday I wore this red, white, and brown striped top from Loft and a brown North Face (not pictured). 

On Wednesday I paired this hunter green vest from Charming Charlie (hauled in a previous post as well) with a yellow long sleeve shirt from Target. Since I have my riding lessons on Wednesday I wanted something that would be easy to take off to switch to a more athletic sweater over my shirt. It worked out great! 

Thursday was blood draw day! For our work insurance we have annual blood testing against common health issues as a preventative measure. Because of this I wore a shirt with shorter sleeves to make it easier. It’s a maroon top with lace on the front from Loft (I think). 

And today I’m wearing this red shirt from Meyer’s clothing section and this brown knitted sweater from Loft. Very warm and I got a compliment on my top! Personally I thought I kinda looked like I was wearing and handkerchief but apparently it was a cute one!

And you might have noticed I had the same boots on in all the pictures. Truth is, I live in boots! From the first chilly fall days until the first hot summer days I only wear boots. I found these boots in Macy’s. They are BareTraps and have cute stars on the buckles. Unfortunately the buckles aren’t the strongest so I have to put my boots back together a lot but they’re very comfortable and warm. 

And that’s my fall outfits for this week! Let me know if you have a favorite and we’ll make it a contest! 

Thanks for reading!


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