Fall Haul! – Target, Loft, and More!

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d share my latest purchases with you. I keep saying I’m going to stop buying so many items but clearly that hasn’t been happening. Oh well!

Oh! And I just noticed, this is my 100th blog post!!! Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning, are a new follower, or just pop in occasionally, thank you!!! My blog has been a big part of my life for almost a year and I’m extremely thankful to anyone who’s read even one post.

Here we go!


First, I’ve been preparing for cold weather to come. I found slippers and a cute girl’s scarf in the “See Spot Save” section, the cheap items section in the front of the store, and a very warm and fuzzy grey blanket on sale! I have a purple blanket kind of like this one but I plan to keep the purple one downstairs in the living room for when we have family time and use this grey one in my home office, where I blog and spend a lot of time.

I also bought this Day of the Dead candle holder from their Day of the Dead end cap in the Halloween/Seasonal section. I love it although I think I need a different candle in there to see it properly!

I also found some summer pjs on sale that I bought as my dad likes to keep the house toasty and I like to be slightly cooler when I go to sleep. Also, it reminds me of my holiday in Mexico because of the palm tree like print!

Then I picked up a few more basics, a yellow long sleeve shirt and a black tank top.


I finally found the boots that I wanted! I used to have hunter green boots like these but I wore them out when I went to Mexico and hadn’t replaced them. This year I really wanted brown boots like these and I finally found a pair in Target that worked.

I also picked up a few more things from the See Spot Save area, a string of copper lights that I need to get batteries for (whoops!) and a vent mount for my phone. I usually have to depend on someone else holding my phone and they’re not very good at it normally so I’m happy to have gotten this!


I picked up this Champion (Target’s work out clothing line) tank as well. It’s like a nice peacy orangey color that makes me want to work out. I don’t work out although I really, really should!

And my last two items, contact lens cases and Softsoap hand soap in Peony & Plum.



The first shirt I bought at Loft is this purple long sleeve loose shirt. I love it tons and can’t wait to wear it! I’m waiting until my office building finally turns the heat on… I’m thinking I’m going to be waiting forever!


I already wore this one and I love it! This one has red, black, white, and brown stripes and has a giant bow in the front. The bow can get annoying because it’s so long and comes undone easily but it’s so cute, I’m okay with it.


I found this red and white summer top on sale as well so I picked it up as well. I figured I’d just put it away until next year so really I’m just getting a major head start on my shopping next year!


I had been walking around the mall trying to find shawl sweaters for the fall after one of the mentors in the program I attended in Cleveland last week wore one. I thought it was so cute and I needed one of my own! The one on the left is a sparkly creamy color and the one on the right is a blue and white one. I’m excited to try these out!


I couldn’t help myself! I got this adorable “Blogging Day” mug for when I want to make some tea and write.

Eddie Bauer


First up I got this blue-green sweater from Eddie Bauer. I love jackets that have zippers on the pockets and I love that the sleeves have thumb holes!


I also got this blue and white stripped hoodie. I think this is more of a spring item actually so I might put this one away as well but we shall see.

Best Buy

At work this month I won a free desktop monitor! I had been thinking of buying one for awhile as I have had to work from home a few times and trying to work from my 15 inch MacBook Pro was so aggravating after being used to having two screens at work. Over one weekend I had looked at either getting a new iMac for $2,000 or just buying a computer screen for about $200 plus a $30 adapter. Well, the IT department announced that week that they had a few monitors they were giving away for free to random winners of a raffle. I put my name in and won! All I had to do was buy the $30 Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter from Best Buy and it worked like a charm! Now I’m typing away on my MacBook Pro but can view the draft of my post on the larger monitor. I’m definitely happy with this purchase!

Presents! Hot Topic and Disney


From Hot Topic my sister got me this Ravenclaw sweat pants! I love it as it’s very comfortable and has pockets!


My sister also got this Disney sweater that I plan to wear ALL THE TIME in December.

And that’s my fall haul! I hope you enjoyed seeing my items. Let me know what your favorite type of tea or coffee you prefer when the cold winter weather sets in!

Thanks for reading!


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