#PamelainMexico Part4! 

Hey everyone! Time for the fourth and final blog post about my trip to Mexico last month. So we left off on my mom and I heading back to Mexico City after a few days in Morelia. Now onto our last few days!

Here we go!


The next day my mom and I went to downtown Mexico City for some makeup shopping. (My makeup haul post is here!) Since we were there so early we walked around and got to the Zocalo!

I was more than a little disappointed to learn that there is no Day of the Dead parade here as is portrayed in the newest James Bond movie Spectre. Still, the Zocalo was every bit as pretty as I thought it would be!


We walked around a bit after shopping and found an excavation site of some Aztec ruins a few blocks away (you can actually see the Zocalo in the background). Turns out these were discovered when new buildings were being constructed. The building plans were halted and they started to work on preserving the ruins.

Later that day I stopped into a Starbucks as I really wanted to compare their menu selection to home’s. The basic stuff is all the same but the specialty drinks are different. I got a drink that was called “frambuesa” which I don’t really know what it was. Before we left Mexico entirely I stopped at another Starbucks and got a Mexican hot chocolate as well. Both drinks were pretty good but I missed my chai tea lattes!

Oh, and a nice Jehovah’s Witness and I chatted in line. Turns out she lived on Chicago’s south side for a time and gave me a card with a website to check out about her religion. I’m very much atheist so I didn’t look it up but she was quite friendly and kind.

We continued on to go get lunch/dinner. We were pretty hungry so we also got shakes as well, which were HUGE! It was very good and the food was amazing as well. My mom tends to get a little carried away and bought way too much food but it worked out since we left some for my uncle, who accompanied us downtown, and his kids for their dinner and then took some more back with us to my aunt and uncle’s where we were staying.

While we waited at my uncle’s house (mom’s brother) for my aunt to get there from work (mom’s sister), my mom and I sat outside of my uncle’s apartment. He lives in the building where he works as the front desk/security/valet guy and lives at the top of the building. The terrace he has is pretty scary actually as the barrier is not that tall and it’s about six stories up. I vaguely remember playing out there with his kids when we visited when I was younger and can’t believe no one got hurt!

What did go wrong here is that my uncle left my mom in charge of the dinner he was making and she forgot about it. We went to the store to buy him replacement food and I got an ice cream, which was really good! Eventually my aunt arrived and then my uncle the taxi driver (her husband) came to pick us up and take us home to go to bed.

The next day we headed to the part of the city, Coyoacan, to go to Frida Kahlo’s house. I’d wanted to see her museum since I learned about her in my high school Spanish classes (I can understand Spanish very well but I never really learned how to write it properly). I didn’t pay extra for pictures inside the museum, which I now kind of wish I did, but I really liked that I didn’t because I wasn’t focused on taking pictures, instead I wanted to experience everything without a camera in the way. Outside, however, you could take pictures so I went ahead and did that.


The gardens were really pretty and well kept, and there were people everywhere enjoying the day. We did get some pictures here, you can see my mom’s finger a bit in the corner of the picture!


The museum itself was very nice. It had a lot of the items that Frida and her husband, Diego Rivera, used when they lived there as well as things like her art supplies, beds, and even some of her clothing. A lot of her really famous paintings weren’t in the museum but I felt that the house and other items really made up for that.


We ended the day with getting churros, tacos, and ice cream. We also went to an art market in the area and I did find a few more souvenirs. I also got a lovely watercolor painting that looks beautiful normally, and also looks great when it’s back lit. I’ve framed it and now I’m trying to figure out a way to light it properly. I think I’m going to put it in my home office, that I’m currently slowly fixing up. Once I get that room sorted I do plan to do a room tour type post on it!

And that’s it really. The next day we went home so we didn’t have time to do anything else. We were there ten days and jammed as much as possible in there. I’m really happy that my mom planned so many things for us and surprised me with the Acapulco trip but we both felt that we didn’t spend enough time with my grandfather as we would have liked. I really want to go back next year and spend time with him as well as see more of Mexico. This whole past month I’ve been constantly revisiting my trip and missing it so much!

I hope you enjoyed my posts on my trip! I hope to go back possibly next year, but we’ll have to wait and see. I haven’t yet planned out my posts for next week although I do need to get on that as I’m traveling again, this time for work. I’m going to Cleveland next week on Tuesday and Wednesday for a work trip so I’ll be writing both my Monday and Wednesday posts this weekend to have them finished.

Let me know where you’ve been lately! (Or where you’re going next!)

Thanks for reading!


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