My September Life! 

Hey everyone! September definitely had some good times and not so good times but I think overall it was a good month for me. 

I came back from my vacation, worked a ton, and did a lot of fun things! Here we go!


I flew back September 3rd from Mexico, but I managed to squeeze in a little bit more fun before I had to be back! I’ll talk more about the last leg of my trip on Friday’s post but here’s a sneak peak. I went to Frida Kahlo’s house! I’ve wanted to go to the museum for a few years now so I’m very happy to have gotten the chance to do so.


Upon my arrival back home I was sad because I had found these amazing cookies call “pastisetas” in Mexico but wasn’t sure if I could find them here. Turns out that… I can!! They’re soft, crumbly, butter cookies and I would 10/10 recommend!
This month I also saw the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for the first time! My sister and I went together and had an absolutely amazing time. My favorite character was by far Rosemary. One of my silliest observations was when I thought to myself how relevant a lot of the ideas still were, and then immediately hear a man much older than I complain how “outdated” the content was! Still, it was a good night and I am very glad I was able to go.

One amazing event I was able to attend was a lecture at my alma mater, Elmhurst College, where the speaker was Jeremy McCarter, author of Hamilton: the Revolution, or as fans like to call it the “hamiltome”. This book is basically a large “behind the scenes” story of the making of the hit musical Hamilton. The author was hilarious, told amazing stories, and even asked the crowd to sing a song from the musical, to which many people joined in. At the end he signed copies of his book so I got mine signed!

At work we had a cute little event, the Wellness Bake Sale! Several members of the Wellness Committee baked treats including oatmeal bars, healthy brownies, and cake pops! Everything was delicious and I hope we have another soon!


I forgot to include this one in my monthly favorites so here it is! The Starbucks Chili Mocha is amazing! I prefer it cold as the hot drink is too watery for me but I really recommend you check this one out!

And that’s my month! Let me know what fun stuff you’ve been up to below. I’m really excited for October as I’m going to travel for work for the first time and I have another musical coming up (no spoilers!!!) so be on the lookout for those posts soon!

Thanks for reading!

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