My Pottermore Results Take 2! And My Patronus!

Hey everyone! So if you’ll remember I took the new Pottermore sorting quizzes back when they first launched. Now I’m going to share my Patronus and my second set of results!

You can read my Pottermore post here, where I explain 1) how big of a fan I am of Harry Potter and 2) freak out about my results. My Hogwarts House was Gryffindor which surprised me because I’ve been a Ravenclaw for so long, my Ilvermorny House was Horned Serpent. For my wand I got a Black Walnut wand that’s 12 1/4″ long, with a dragon heartstring core, and unyielding flexibility. And at the time the Patronus quiz was not yet available.

For this post I’m going to tell you my Patronus first, then I’m going to make a new account and retake everything to see what I get.

Here we go!


Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 8.00.04 PM.png

My patronus is a… Fox!

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 8.12.28 PM.png

Unfortunately the site doesn’t really explain anything about the Patronus but I looked up the animal symbolism online and a fox is usually described as a “trickster”, cunning, and a bad omen of evil, which I found odd and didn’t really think fit but in other places was described as witty and intelligent, which would fit me. Very odd but cute!

Results Take 2

So now I’m going to take the Pottermore quizzes for the second time. BRB!


Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 8.22.43 PM.png

I got sorted back to my proper house! I’m a Ravenclaw again! Honestly I think I’m really a Gryffinclaw as I keep going back and forth between those two but I would ultimately pick Ravenclaw because that’s where the smartypants like me go!


Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 8.30.00 PM.png

Sigh. I was not sorted into my desired house for Ilvermorny. Last time I took the quiz I got Horned Serpent, which is what I had hoped for. Now I got Thunderbird, however I can see how it fits. This house is said to represent the soul of the witch or wizard and tends to have those who favor adventure, which is something I find myself increasingly seeking out. I guess I can’t complain.


Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 8.35.33 PM.png

For my wand, I got the same thing! A Black Walnut wand, 12 1/4″ long, with a dragon heartstring core, and unyielding flexibility. I haven’t gotten the same of anything so far as last time so I wasn’t expecting that, but I like this wand so I’m happy with that.


And my Patronus is a St. Bernard Dog! I love my new Patronus as I’m a dog person, despite not having a dog. Nothing about the symbolism again on Pottermore, but the history of the breed indicates that this dog is a hard worker, is a good rescue dog, and typically a gentle and sweet animal.

So that’s my second round of Pottermore tests! I’ve somehow managed to get only 1/4 items to be the same, so I’m not sure how reliable these new formats are or if I’m just answering everything too differently. But I did answer everything as truthfully as I could, so I think it’s very odd that only one of these was the same.

Let me know if you’ve taken the Pottermore tests and if so, what your result was.

Thanks for reading!

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