My September Equestrian Life! 

Hey everyone! I missed two lessons last month because of my vacation but I am back and have plenty to talk about!

Here we go!

Week by week

I expected my first lesson back after my vacation to be a disaster but it was actually really good! I felt like I remembered everything and we had a great time together. I think she really missed me!

My second lesson of the month was outdoors! Pretty sure that’s the last outdoor lesson I’ll have for awhile since it’s already getting cold out. Wednesday nights can get pretty crowded so it’s nice to have the option to be outside. There were some jumpers practicing so I had to look out for them as well as trying to not fall off.

Oh! And I finally got a picture of me on Sapphire! (Thanks to my sister!!!)

For my third lesson I was, once again, on Sapphire. We didn’t have the best lesson but for the most part it was good. Sapphire likes to do this thing where she figures out that we are probably going to canter and likes to start cantering before I tell her to. It’s kind of annoying because the whole point is for me to tell her. We’re working on it though.

And for my last lesson of the month, meet Chopper! His trot is very bouncy and I don’t like it but his canter is lots of fun. At first it felt like we were hopping but once I got used to it I had a great time. He’s basically my new favorite horse. Chopper is also the first boy horse I got to ride as Sapphire and Kerrie are girl horses.

Also with Chopper, I got to try riding bareback! It was terrible… I could feel all his bones in his back and all my muscles were working to stay in balance so I didn’t fall off. Then to get off I had to grab his poor mane and slide off. Well, I guess it wasn’t that bad but I think I’ll keep with saddles for now.

So that’s my month! Honestly I thought I would try a new format since my old format for the equestrian life posts wasn’t really working for me anymore. Now I’m focused on improving rather than learning something new whereas the old format focused largely on new things. I think this works much better! What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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