My September Favorites!

Hey everyone! Time for my September favorites and I’m excited because I actually have a lot of items as well as new things I’ve discovered this month as well as rediscovered products. Here we go!

Favorite Primer


My primer pick is the Maybelline Master Prime primer in 100 Blur and Smooth. This is an old favorite and a repurchase that I’ve really loved. I really notice that my make up lasts all day when I use this primer, and I’ve tried switching it up. I’m definitely going to keep using this primer.

Favorite Foundations

I have really liked both the Bissu Long Wear Foundation I bought in Mexico during my trip and the Urban Decay Naked Foundation.

The only thing I don’t like about the Bissu foundation is the packaging, as the pump doesn’t really get the product out very well. I have shade 3 “Macademia” (the name of the color isn’t on the package, I found it online). Otherwise I like not only the shade but also how it looks and feels. It’s more of a medium coverage, but you can build it up easily.

The Urban Decay foundation is an old favorite and I’m actually almost out of my shade. I want to repurchase it but I have so many foundations I think I’ll hold off on this one. However it’s very easy to blend, very easy to get even coverage, and lightweight. I wear shade 5.0 and it’s still perfect!

Favorite Eyelid Primer and Shadows

More Bissu products, the Bissu Eye Primer and the eye shadow “Cuarteto” in number 28 (no name on the website or product packaging). As someone with oily eyelids the primer works wonders to keep my shadow in place during the work day. It does not keep the shadow on through a horseback riding lesson at the end of the work day, but only a miracle could do that really… As for the shadows, I love the colors and I don’t find them as powdery as I thought it would be but you do have to be careful with the dark brown as it’s more pigmented than the other colors and the glittery coral does have more fallout than the other colors. Still I love the looks they make and how the colors look together.

Favorite Power

The Cover FX Matte Setting Powder has been a trooper this September. It’s been hot up until this week and this powder keeps everything matte, at least for most of the day. I do have to touch up but it’s much later in the day and I’ve had to with other powders.

Favorite Setting Spray


I have almost run out of the NYX Setting Spray and I need to remember to go buy more! I use setting spray after setting powder and I think together they’re more effective. Also the packaging is great and keeps the spray a nice, fine mist so it doesn’t drench your face and move everything around.

Favorite Mascara

Another old favorite is the Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara. I have the Star Wars version that came out last year around the release of Star Wars the Force Awakens. I find that although I only own black mascaras it’s darker and easier to build up with multiple coats. I also don’t have any fall out from it throughout the day. I’ve used older pictures since the tube is all faded out now (I should probably throw it out?) but I’m pretty sure it’s a permanent item for Covergirl, just in special packaging. I need a new one soon!

Favorite Brush


My favorite brush has been this Sephora PRO Small Stippling Brush that I found on sale in a store. I have problems getting foundation to stay on my nose long enough to set but stippling it on works much better. With my normal foundation brush I can’t get as good results and my other stippling brushes are huge by comparison so I’m glad I picked this one up.

Favorite Perfume


And my perfume favorite is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Rollerball from Sephora. I really love the scent and I feel it is a very mature and rich fragrance that captures roses perfectly.

And that’s my September Favorites! Friday will be my September Equestrian life post and next week I have a few new fun things planned. Let me know what you’ve been enjoying in September in the comments.

Thanks for reading!



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