Style Haul! #PamelainMexico, Target, and more!

Hello everyone! Here is my promised style and clothing haul! I’m going to include items that I bought in Mexico as well as Target and a few other stores. I’ll state where I got everything below.

Now, this is actually my second time writing this. I wrote the entire post on my phone and none of it saved! Luckily the pictures did upload, which was amazing because they took forever to do so, but this version won’t be as long as my previous draft, because of this.

Here we go!


First up is my new shirt collection! Haha, Target was having a shirt sale for their own Merona brand so I grabbed a bunch. I have a grey, black, and navy blue long sleeve for when I work with my dad outside, a white and a cream tank for layering, and a black long sleeve for layering as well. They also offered $10 off if you spent $40 or more so I took advantage of that!

Next is my new Target swimwear! I got a black and white striped one piece with mesh on the sides that I absolutely love as well as a black and white top with some mesh across it. I’m really excited to wear it although that will likely be next year.



I forgot to verify with my mom before she went to bed but I’m pretty sure she found this swim top at H&M because of the tag. This is a little scandalous for me but I love the hot pink and the colorful back of the top so I think I’ll venture out to wear this one.



I’ve been looking for a pair of black jeans for awhile now so I’m glad I found some! I wanted some to pair with a jean-like material blue shirt and a new jean jacket that I recently bought (hauled here). I can’t wait to try it!


I also bought this white and blue striped pants. It’s definitely more of a summer pants so I’ll have to store this one for next year but all the more to look forward to next summer!


Normally I stay away from grey but this sweater was just too cute to resist! I love the stripes that go across it and I think it’s perfect for the fall! Anyone want an Office Fashion Part 3? 🙂


And just in time for the colder months, I got a sleeveless shirt! I did get another sleeveless shirt from Loft as well, and it is very thin. I’m thinking this might have to be another “store until next summer” shirt but I think I can get away with wearing it a few times. We’ll see!

Dover Saddlery

I went to Dover Saddlery to buy winter riding shirts and ended up with two summer-y tops instead! I got a grey vest from a brand called Goode Rider that I want to layer with my long sleeves from Target that I mentioned above. I also got a teal polo shirt from the brand Ariat which I think I might just have to put straight into storage until next summer as it’s already quite cool here.

Mexico Style


I got this teal shirt outside of Frida Kahlo’s Museum in Mexico City. I love it and it was as a fraction of the price as a shirt inside the museum would have cost. I haven’t worn it which is slightly annoying as you can see some thread already hanging off but I think it’s very cute and I might try to get away with wearing it at work!


I bought this beautiful pink dress in Acapulco. I’m not sure if I’ll ever even wear it but I thought it was so pretty I had to have it! The sales person also had the dress in red, black, and yellow, and someone else had just bought the blue right before I arrived but this one was perfect for me.


The second picture features the dress with the belt draped across the front, I love the colors and if anyone has any suggestions on how to display a dress as room decor please let me know!


Please excuse the mess in the background. I bought this had in a little mall in Mexico City before the trip to Acapulco. My mom absolutely loved that the man in the store was able to fold the hat and it popped open again without any damage from the fold. She bought it for me right away and it still looks good, even after that long trip!


Not really a style item but I thought I’d put these in here too, I bought swim goggles while in Acapulco! Since I didn’t know where we were going I didn’t bring goggles from home (I used to swim competitively and still have a few pairs lying around) and bought these in a little shop by the hotel pool. They were extremely useful and I’m so glad I bought them right away as I used them at the beach and in the pool, and even my cousins got some use out of them when we were trying to see if there were fish in the ocean by our feet (there were!). 10/10 for these goggles!

Again, not a style item but I don’t know when else I would mention this. My mom spotted this shell in a stand in Acapulco and decided then and there that her daughter (me) HAD TO HAVE IT. The stand owner didn’t want to even sell it but, of course, everything has a price so my mom convinced her to put a price tag on the shell and sell it to us. I plan to put my rings in here as it’s the perfect size for it!

And lastly is this beautiful dress I bought that is a swim wear cover up. I absolutely loved it when I saw it in the store and the lady did show me a few others but this one was the one for me! Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the dress got stuffed in a bag with the wet swim suit I wore on the morning we left Acapulco so now it has little black spots. I’ve washed it a few times and used color safe bleach and even a tide to go stick but nothing has worked! If you have tips for getting the spots off let me know! I just love this dress too much to give up on it.

And that’s my style haul! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you have any tips for those spots I mentioned! Otherwise look forward to #PamelainMexico Part 3 on Friday, possibly a DIY project on Monday (if I finish the project otherwise I’ll put up something else equally as interesting), and a fall make up look on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading!

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