#PamelainMexico Part 2!

Hey everyone! As promised, I’ll be talking all about my vacation to Acapulco today!


So where we left off, we arrived in Acapulco in time for a midnight dinner and then went off to bed. The next day we got up and ate breakfast in the hotel to save some time rather than go out and try to find somewhere to eat. Afterwards we all went to the pool for a little bit and hung out. Since I hadn’t known we would be spending so much time in the water I bought a pair of goggles as I didn’t want water getting in my eyes while I was wearing my contacts. Also, I used to swim competitively so I like practicing some strokes every now and again.


We eventually left the hotel in search of something to do. In the van in the hotel driveway we got two presentations from package vendors. The woman who presented first gave us the option to go on a yacht around the Acapulco area. The yacht would have drinks and would take you to an area where you can hike or rent a horse to get up to the waterfall where you can swim or eat at the restaurant. Then they would also take you snorkeling and a few other activities. Personally my mom and I didn’t want to do this option because we’d already done it when my dad and sister were with us when we went to Acapulco about ten years ago.


The second option was presented by a guy that actually climbed onto the van and offered to take us to the restaurant where he worked where activities would be included in the price with the lunch. The restaurant would provide a boat ride to a private beach where we would be able to swim and ride on the banana inflatable as well as optional snorkeling on the way back. Luckily everyone agreed and we all thought that the second option was best, so off we went to Puerto Marquez.


We almost immediately got into the little boat after placing our lunch orders (which would be ready by the time we returned) and went off to the little private beach. We were given vouchers for the banana raft and told that any extra could be used for a free drink instead if we chose not to use them. While on the boat the operator would tell us which houses belonged to who. Many famous actors and actresses had homes in the area, as did many politicians. Usually the politicians home explanation ended in “he/she is now in jail because of fraud/embezzlement/other crime”. We ended up in from of El Chapo’s house that had an armed guard. I found this hilarious so I snapped a picture of the house.

El Chapo’s House, on the private beach we were taken to!

We had a good time at the beach, it wasn’t crowded and the water was quite calm there. We really enjoyed our time there and spent a ton of time in the water. We also did go on the banana which did overturn (boo!) but we did use up all the tickets and then spent some time playing volleyball in the ocean. Well, everyone else played volleyball and I swam away quickly due to my intense dislike of volleyball. img_3584

We did chose to go snorkeling on the way back, which wasn’t really snorkeling due to the absence of the actual snorkel. We were just given life vests and goggles (I used my own) to see fish under us in the sea which was pretty cool. Eventually we headed back and then had lunch. I bought a few presents for my coworkers that I featured in my gifts post and ate some food. We then headed back and were told to be ready by 6pm for an evening trip to La Quebrada.


You can probably guess but no one was ready at 6pm other than my mom, my aunt, and myself. Everyone staggered in late and we were trying to make the 7:30 show so it was already going to be tight as it was an hour or so away but there was a ton of traffic. Because we were waiting for people to come down from their room after they had said they did not want to go but later changed their mind, we were not going to make the 7:30 show. Instead we headed out anyway and hung out until the 9:30 show.


It was certainly very different from the last time I was there. You didn’t used to have to pay to enter the area before but now they did charge and it did seem more crowded. Also there seemed to be less dives, the four divers only did one dive each (except for one that did two but his second was with another diver). They also spent a long time “mentally preparing” themselves and praying before their dive, which they did not used to do as much from what I can remember. I felt it was a waste of money compared to what they used to do but it was still an overall good time with the family.

Las Torres Gemelas, our hotel!

We went back to the hotel for some sleep in order to get up early the next day and spend the morning in the pool. More on that next week!

And that’s it for the main Acapulco post. I just had so many pictures and so much that I did that I want to split it into the next post as well. In the next post we head back to Mexico City and then head out further to Morelia. That will be next Friday. Before then I’ll post a clothing haul that will include the couple clothing items I bought in Mexico on Wednesday and before that on Monday I’ll write a book review for you guys.

Thank you for reading!


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