My Mexico Beauty Haul! And some Sephora goodies!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to finally share photos of all the beauty goodies that I bought while I was in Mexico.

My mom, knowing that I love buying make up, had previously researched a few make up stores in Mexico City for us to visit. Unfortunately I didn’t think to jot down the names and addresses of the stores, no did I take pictures as there were way too many people and grumpy employees. Plus I wasn’t sure if pictures were even allowed in the stores and I didn’t want to get yelled at.

I do remember we first went to a small store that was a wholesale type store, mostly meant for people who are either make up artists and need a ton of product or are planning to resell the make up. It was small and you needed to buy three of the same item (exact same item, down to the color) so we didn’t get too much there as we didn’t really need three of the same thing of everything but we did get eyeshadows, mascaras, and some random items.

The second store we went to was also a small store but that one was very, very crowded. We picked up nail polishes, lip glosses, and I think that’s mostly it from this one. This was another wholesale shop and you needed to buy three of an item but it didn’t have to be the same color, so it could be lip glosses from one brand but could be any color as long as it was the same type of lip gloss.

The third store was actually one that my mom hadn’t planned on visiting. My uncle (one of my mom’s brothers) joined us and he suggested one shop that his daughter frequents. We walked in and it was a sort of multiple shops in one area and found a make up one. I bought a set of make up brushes and a really cool eyeshadow palette that I’ll note below.

And the fourth store was a huge two story (or more, we didn’t investigate further) shop which was also wholesale but you needed to buy at least six items, no restrictions on the items. This was my favorite but I’m glad we went there last as I would have probably bought out the shop.

Since I want to keep everything sort of organized so I’m mostly doing everything by brand. Then the other items that aren’t by brand are lumped at the end. I’m also including a little Sephora haul as well that I did last weekend when I returned.

Here we go!


First up is the brand Bissu. My mom has heard a lot about this brand and so we bought quite a few items. I think all of these items were from the first shop, except the nail polish, which might have been from the second shop.

I got a liquid foundation in tone “3” as well as a powder in shade 10 “Honey”. I wasn’t able to try the colors and there weren’t testers so I had to guess at the colors. I think I got it right but only time will tell!


I also got a blush in 05 “Durazno” which is a coral-y pink color. The nail polish is in 078 “Volcano” and the eyeshadow quad doesn’t seem to have a name but has a number 28 on the back. I also picked up an eyeshadow primer that my mom had heard was good.


I also bought a few items from the line Jabibe. This isn’t all I bought as I gave some away but I did keep one lip gloss in “Light Brown” and “Dementia”. These were from the second store and I don’t think that they were charged correctly, I think that they were overcharged so that’s a bummer. I also bought a pearl blush from the last shop we visited. The color is listed as “Red” but the pearls are white and a maroon color.

Now at first I thought this was the same brand as Jabibe but I’m not sure as this one reads Kejel Jabibe. These were from the same section as the Jabibe lip glosses from the previous photos so I was further confused. I think these were also overcharged at the store unfortunately. I also bought the nail polishes from my post where I covered the gifts I brought back for my friends and coworkers. Unfortunately these also don’t seem to have cute names but the numbers corresponding to the shades, in order from left to right, are LM07, LM09, LM19, LM17, and LM19 (apparently I bought two?).


The next brand I bought multiple items from is TNGO. I bought these items in the last shop I visited and had to stop myself from buying everything as this line seemed to be really good.

I bought the matte HD powder which is a loose, white setting powder. I also picked up a powder as well in the color 111 “Canela”. This store was helpful in setting up a display with testers of each color so you could match yourself. I got quite a tan in Acapulco but I think this color will work once that tan fades away. The last item looks really cool, it’s a clear primer! Normally the primers I have are a white or lightly colored, creamy texture and this one looks like it will be a clear gel. I’m really excited to try this one.

Unfortunately this store, despite being my favorite, also had a very terrible employee who was super unhelpful. For the powder the box said it was a white powder cake, so at first I thought it was a solid setting powder or something like that. But when I noticed that there was a color listed on the bottom my mom and I asked an employee what exactly the product was. Her answer? “Make up” and she walked away. Luckily the next employee was much more helpful and pointed out the display (located in a different place entirely from where the powder was) and helped us find the other TNGO items I picked up.

My mom and I also found an eyelash curler that she heard was good from the brand Princessa. I wanted to buy so many items from this brand only because of the name but this was the only product that really stood out. I also found this really amazing looking eyeshadow palette from a brand named T&G that has a really cool marble effect. There were multiple colors and I almost wish I had bought all of them. I’m going to have to do more research on this type of product as I want to use it without messing up the colors too badly but I might just leave it so I can stare at it forever!

A few other items I picked up were a red lip gloss from the brand Hanzhilkai. It doesn’t have any color name or anything but I really only picked this up because of the cute bow on the packaging. I also got two new mascaras, one from Ultra Keher and one from Max Mus that my mom heard were good mascaras. We also found a brand named Beauty Treats that had contour palettes and my mom and I thought we picked up three of them but it turns out we only got one and the palettes behind it were actually concealer palettes. That was a major bummer when we realized (we didn’t check, we just got three from the pile in the store) as we couldn’t go return or exchange them but I’m still excited to try it out.

I also picked up a nail polish for myself that is a sort of pale coral-y pink in the color 17 from the brand Bonicolors. The blush is from a brand named Jordana, which my mom had been trying to find. I picked up the color 46 “Terracotta Treasure”. We didn’t get that much from the Jordana brand (my mom bought a few items and I only bought the one) because on one of the packaging it said “Made in the USA” which made us decide not to get too many items if we could get it at home. We later found out that it’s mostly sold only on the west coast but I’m sure we can order online, I’ll have to investigate if I like the blush.


Lastly from the stores I picked up a brush set, it has a ton of eye brushes and face brushes with pink handles that I loved. My mom had originally seen one brush set and she wanted to find that one for me but when we didn’t see it we ended up getting this one. She was disappointed as she really wanted to get the one she originally saw but this one seemed to be almost the same thing, just less brushes and no sponges. There are no brand names anywhere on this set, so I can’t say who they’re by, but I’m looking forward to trying them.


And the last group of products from Mexico is from a brand named Oriflame which is a Mary Kay or Avon type brand where they have people who sign up to be “consultants” or sellers essentially for the brand. My cousin sells this brand so she had a catalog that my mom and I bought items from.

For the lipsticks I got the colors Vintage Rose, Rich Red, and Black Cherry (left to right). Vintage Rose is a shimmery light pink, Rich Red is a shimmery rosy pink, and Black Cherry is a deep red.

I also picked a blush in Shimmer Rose, which is a light shimmery pink highlight and a pink shimmer blush. So much shimmer! It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be but very, very cute. My favorite Oriflame item was a rose scented perfume. It comes in a beautiful rose shaped bottle, the stem comes off to reveal the spray. It didn’t look at all like what I expected from the photo but it was still very nice.

It also came with a free gift with purchase, that I didn’t even know about! To be fair, it was apparently promoted on the page but no one seems to have seen it, as my cousin pointed out. It came with a rose scented deodorant as well so I can’t wait to try it. Until recently I really didn’t like rose scented perfumes but apparently I like it now.

The Oriflame experience was very nice, because we got to support my cousin in her sales and the items came quickly. We ordered as soon as we arrived on Wednesday and when we returned from Acapulco and Morelia (these posts to come!) the products were waiting for us. Unfortunately they don’t sell in the USA but if my cousin still sells the items when I visit again I’ll make another order for sure!


And onto the Sephora portion of this haul! I went to Sephora with nothing in mind to really buy. I had a gift card for the JC Penny Sephora stores that my sister had given me for Christmas last year. I had about $7 left on it so I didn’t really think I would spend it as I wasn’t looking for anything.


The first item that caught my eye was this Elizabeth and James perfume in Nirvana Rose. As I said earlier, I didn’t really like rose perfumes and I hadn’t even smelled the one I bought in Mexico at that point but when I picked up the perfume and smelled it I loved it immediately. It’s definitely rose but a more mature scent. According to the notes are rose de mai, geranium, and vetiver. I really love the scent and bought the roller ball as I have way too many perfumes and didn’t want the full size but the full size bottle looked beautiful, as did the rollerball!

I also bought two lipsticks that I found on sale from the Sephora brand. They don’t seem to have their own individual names but they are both shimmer, one is a nude-y brown and the other is a rose-y pink.

img_3870-2I also picked up a small Sephora stippling brush that was on sale as well. I’ve used this one already and I like it because I feel like it doesn’t lift the make up off my nose when I try to pack more on, which a lot of my other brushes have been doing lately.


Because I spent over a certain amount I got a free gift with purchase. I believe the amount was $35 but since I had no idea this was going on I don’t really remember. Since I’m a VIB I got triple the points for my purchase so I kind of wish that I had bought more! The points triple through September 17th so I might have to go back for more things!

For the little samples, I got a Michael Kors perfume sampler and some of the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade samples in Dark Brown, Ebony, Granite, and Ash Brown. My guess is that my shade will be ebony but I’ll try dark brown as well.

The other samples are First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream, a hot pink Sephora lip gloss in 17 “Pin-up Pink”, and a Boscia BB Cream with SPF 27 with a self adjusting shade that I’m really excited to try.

The last three samples from the gift were Josie Maran’s moisturizing oil, Make Up Forever’s Excessive Lash mascara, and Benefit’s Dew the Hoola bronzer. Of these three the mascara sounds the most interesting and I’m not a huge fan of Benefit products normally so I’m not sure what I’ll do with that one. We’ll have to wait and see I suppose!


The Sephora employee also asked if I wanted to take home any samples from items they have in store. As a beauty insider you can select up to three samples to take home to try. I chose the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox moisturizer at the recommendation of the employee and the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel that had caught my eye but I didn’t want to buy in case I hated it. I’m excited to try them!


So that’s my haul! Let me know if you want me to review anything in particular once I’ve tried it. I have used some of these items but for length’s sake I wanted to keep any first impressions out of this post. Also if you know anything about these new brands and have tried them let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!


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