Gifts I brought back from Mexico! 

Hey everyone! As promised, I’ll start putting up some of the items I brought back from Mexico. First up, PRESENTS!

I didn’t want to bring a lot of presents back, just a few little things for my co-workers on my team at work (9 of them) and then a few things for a few others that I work with and am close with outside of my department.

I also brought a few things for my sister and father who weren’t able to go to Mexico but they already claimed their things before I could take a picture. For my sister, my mom and I bought her a traditional dress in Mexico that she’s wanted for some time now. She also got a TON of make up. More on my make up shopping day to come on Wednesday!

For my dad he got a really nice black and white blanket from Teotihuacan and a soccer stress ball that he used for his hand as a form of physical therapy. We also brought him back a specific type of hand fan that he used when he grills outside.

Now for the presents I did get pictures of!

I bought these cute little frogs in Acapulco for some of my team. I wanted them to be able to have a choice of items to pick from to keep at their desk. Normally we don’t bring each other stuff back from vacations but they do tend to get random presents or bring breakfast randomly and I almost never thing to do so. Because of this I wanted to bring little things back, especially considering I was leaving them for two whole weeks to go out of the country! They’ve already picked their presents and really love them! One of my friends named her frog immediately which made me laugh because I would totally have named it too. She also helped me name the bear decoration that one of my former coworkers gave me so now my bear is named “Otis”!

Before leaving one of my friends outside my department asked me for “Day of the Dead” inspired items as she really loved the style of them. Because I had already had an item break (I had bought an octopus like the frogs above and it broke) I was hesitant to buy a ceramic skull thinking it would also meet it’s demise. Instead I brought her these foam decorations from a party store and she loved them!

I bought a basket of candy to keep at my desk for everyone to snack from. I bought this one because it was the only one that looked like all the candy was individually wrapped, which was important to me knowing that if people would be digging around they wouldn’t have to wonder if someone had touched the candy they wanted to eat. The lady told me that it was all individually wrapped but when I opened it to take out the bottle of booze (didn’t want HR to see that!) that it came with and the jar of dulce de leche I realized that all the wrapped candy was sitting on top of candy that was NOT wrapped! Major fail! Still the candy was pretty good and I brought the rest back home so my parents could enjoy.

These two items were also special requests. One of my teammates requested a shot glass, which I did bring for her and told her it would double as a graduation present (she gets her bachelor’s this week!) and she loved the glass! I also had a friend who told me she would like a key chain so I brought her one back as well. They both were picked up in Acapulco so I think they really loved the colors and happy images on them!


For my team I also got these magnets. Because I was worried they would break I only bought three but I wish I had gotten more as they traveled just fine. Well, one of the magnets did break off the shell but that can easily be fixed with hot glue. Either way they also liked these and have them up on our shelf/locker thing at our desks.


For my girl friends I brought home nail polishes for them to pick from. (Again, Wednesday’s post will be all about the make up and beauty products I picked up for myself!) They really loved the colors and I think they did appreciate them more than just the regular souvenirs I would have otherwise bought for them.


And lastly, I brought back the shampoos and soap from the hotel I stayed at in Acapulco. Why include this in my presents post? Because it kinda was a gift. One of my coworkers volunteers for the Ronald McDonald House Charities at one of the houses. If you don’t know, this organization offers free housing to families with children going through extremely difficult medical situations that could otherwise not afford to stay with their child while he or she was going through the treatments.

Because we work in the travel/event planning industry a lot of us travel a lot and she always asks us to bring back any hotel toiletries that we don’t use as they can give them to newly arrived families. Personally I don’t travel which is a bummer for me as I really want to (it’s just not a part of my position right now) so I decided to bring these back for the RMHC as we didn’t need them, seeing as how we had brought out own stuff.

And that’s the presents! I hope you liked seeing them and will come back to see my make up post on Wednesday and Part 2 of my Mexico travel posts on Friday. Next week Monday will be a book review post so that will be a bit of a break from hearing about Mexico for everyone.

Thanks for reading!


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