My August Life!

Hey everyone! Back in the USA at last!

My trip was amazing and I’m so happy to have been able to go as the trip almost didn’t happen due to work. Luckily I was able to get away and I’m already writing my blog posts about my trip. More on that at the end of the post.

So here we go!


Arlington Race Trackimg_3135


This month started out with a trip to the Arlington Race Track! This is a horse racing facility that one of the adjacent departments at work chose for their summer outing and invited my department to attend. Only two of us ultimately went from my department but it was tons of fun and I had a blast!

Six Flags

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My mom, sister, and I also had another Six Flags day. We spent the day on coasters and walking around mostly and we had a great time! Since we were at Hurricane Harbor so recently we wanted to get a change of pace and walk around the actual park. We also didn’t plan to buy passes for the next year so we were trying to get as much park time as possible this year.

We’ve since bought season passes for next year as we really only need to visit about twice a year for it to be worth the discounted price I paid, and about four times in a year for the dining passes (lunch, dinner, snack, and a sports bottle you can use for drinks all year) to be worth their price tag. BTW, this is not sponsored in anyway. I got the passes at huge discounts due to a sale the park offered over the Labor Day weekend so that is why I only have to visit 4 times, if I had paid full price for each type of pass I would likely have to visit at least 20 times to offset the amount I would pay for the dining pass (the more expensive of the two).

My first circus


After a morning of running around Six Flags my sister and I went home, changed outfits, and ran back out to go to see the circus! Los Hermanos Vasquez Circo was in town and we bought VIP tickets and got to sit in the front row! It was a ton of fun and I’d never been to the circus so it was really cool. The circus was mostly in Spanish and you definitely needed needed to know Spanish, especially when they announced intermission only in Spanish. Otherwise the circus was very obviously trying to make a ton of money off everyone in the audience too. At various point they even said “kids, come up and get your [toy kids would definitely want]” or “if you don’t have [toy] raise your empty hands and a circus employee will put one in your hand” and made it sound like the toys were free. Then when the kids grabbed the toy they were told “it’s $20” or however much it was. They also had everyone in the audience take pictures with the clowns and then sold them the printed pictures at the end of the show. It was very odd but still fun overall. It was probably more expensive than it should have been but still fun.



I had to include my trip to Chicago! You can read more about this trip here but the basic point is that we had a co-worker from one of the other offices of the company visiting and a bunch of us took her downtown to see some of the sights of the city.

Food Truck Friday

I finally ventured away from the wraps and tried the “Toasty Cheese” truck. I got myself a southwest style sandwich. It was really good but super greasy as well. I guess that’s just classic food trucks though!

Breakfast at work


So my employer won a bunch of awards, including “great place to work” and “best health initiatives” and such so the parent company gave each office money to do something fun. In the Social Committee meeting it was decided that the office leadership would serve breakfast to the office. It was a hit and everyone went to the break room for food and to hang out. The pancakes were really, really good.



And last but not least, I went off to vacation! Here’s a picture of my suitcase for you. I’m back now but more posts on that to come. For the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing what I bought in Mexico on Mondays and Wednesdays depending on what theme the items fall into. More random purchases will be on Mondays and beauty stuff will be on Wednesdays. I also won’t be showing everything but a good number of items that I got.

For example next week Monday will be gifts I brought back for work friends and my team, then on Wednesday will be some of the make up I bought (I will likely split it into two or more posts because I went a little overboard). Then on Fridays will be my adventures in Mexico, so this Friday I’ll post about first few days of the trip and sharing some of the pictures I took while I was there.

I’ll likely still be posting on Mexico for a bit as I have so much to talk about (I did get a lot done while I was there!) but I’ll still put up my regular posts such as favorites and such. I was

And that’s my August life! Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments and I’ll respond when I come back.

Thanks for reading!

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