50 Facts About Me!

Hey everyone! I’m back from Mexico! And super tired from my trip. 

It was absolutely amazing and fun and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’ll be putting up Mexico posts on Fridays for a bit starting this week. 

Since I’m still unpacking/catching up on sleep I wanted to do something a little simpler than normal today. Also I haven’t really done this yet and I felt it was time. Here’s 50 random facts about me! 

  1. I’m 25 years old although I look like I’m 20 (or even younger)!
  2. My favorite Harry Potter book is book 3, Prisoner of Askaban
  3. I started 2016 with a reading goal of 15. I’ve had to increase various times to the current goal of 75 because I kept surpassing them so quickly. 
  4. I used to work in a women’s shoe department and now own way too many pairs of shoes. I would hide them if I liked them in my size to make sure no one else got them and buy them when they were on sale. 
  5. I don’t enjoy shoe shopping though. I love shopping for handbags, make up, and books. 
  6. Belle is my favorite Disney princess. I was Belle for most Halloweens in my youth and would refuse to get a new costume. 
  7. I like to sleep with a really heavy blanket on but my head and feet need to be sticking out from under the blanket. 
  8. If I wake up in the middle of the night usually all I have to do to go back to sleep is roll over to my other side. It’s like magic and I love it. 
  9. I love make up but I’ve been going through a phase where I really just can’t be bothered to wear it. It’s a shame because I’m really good at it too! 
  10. Despite not wearing make up all the time I constantly buy more. 
  11. I have a ton of store memberships but the only ones I really use are the Sephora and Barnes and Noble ones. 
  12. At some point I started to evolve into a real adult. I have an excellent credit score and know my score now because my credit card company has started showing it to me. These are the things I get excited about. 
  13. I have never had a boyfriend. Ever. 
  14. I want to go hiking but then I remember that I don’t actually like being outdoors and ignore the urge. 
  15. I’ve started taking horseback riding lessons. Small Pamela would have been so proud. 
  16. I really enjoy live theatre. I have three upcoming musicals I’ve already bought tickets for. 
  17. I am addicted to YouTube. I watch videos ALL the time from all sorts of channels. Beauty, gaming, vlogging, you name it! 
  18. I used to swim competively in high school. I was even team captain my senior year. 
  19. I have really bad eyesight. (Negative 7s range.) 
  20. Going back to that swimming and eyesight facts, I never learned my teammates names because I literally couldn’t see them. 
  21. I’m really bad at remembering names because in my younger years I read somewhere that if you don’t call people by their name they feel like they’re unimportant to you and will always be unsure if you know their name or not. I got so used to not using people’s names I never remember them now. Now I’m getting out of the habit. 
  22. I don’t want kids. No, I won’t change my mind. Yes, I’m young. No, I still won’t change my mind. Yes, I’m sick of having this conversation all the time already. 
  23. If I’m doing laundry there’s a 99% chance I’ll forget about it. I just remembered I left a load in the dryer and can’t be bothered to go get it. It’ll likely be there until my mom needs to wash. Whoops. 
  24. I enjoy video games and really wish I was better at them. Still I’m pretty good for not playing very often in my opinion. 
  25. I look like my mommy. 
  26. I’m very close to both of my parents and my little sister. I’m very happy I have a great relationship with them. 
  27. My little sister is taller than me. Everyone thinks she’s the big sister because of this but she’s not. I am! 
  28. I get carsick on long car rides unless I sleep in the car. Luckily I’m very good at sleeping in cars. 
  29. I don’t like lights and I don’t like noises. I like to joke that I’d never willingly step foot in Las Vegas because of this. 
  30. I studied abroad in Barcelona in college. I loved that city very, very much. 
  31. I’m barely back from Mexico and can’t wait to go back. 
  32. I love watching the Olympics. Tokyo 2020 anyone? 
  33. Awards shows like the Tonys and Oscars are so entertaining for me. 
  34. My first car was a 2004 Ford Mustang named Nemo because he was bright orange. Unfortunately Nemo and I were in a car accident and he didn’t make it… I was totally okay except for a few scrapes and bruises though. 
  35. My new car is actually a used car. He’s a 2010 Toyota Corolla named Bruce, after Batman. He’s a black car and so, so easy to lose, unlike Nemo.
  36. I played flute for ten years in school. 
  37. Despite loving art, I’m really bad at it in all mediums I’ve tried. 
  38. I love checking books out from the library although I’m really annoyed by due dates. I like to read books when I’m good and ready. 
  39. I graduated from college about three years ago with a bachelors of science in international business. I finally bought a frame for the diploma this summer. 
  40. I’d love to go back to school for an MBA despite the fact that my current job doesn’t even require a degree to begin with and it would mean tons of student loans. 
  41. The only pet I’ve ever had was an orange betta fish named Nemo. (Like the car.) He died when I went abroad so I think he died of a broken heart thinking I had abandoned him. 
  42. I’ve worked in a customer service call center before. Those Buzzfeed videos you see about the call center agents? Totally true. 
  43. I have to work hard to be good at customer service actually. Because I’ve worked in customer service roles though I have a high standard for the service I receive because I know it can be done. 
  44. I want to learn American Sign Language and have started to learn signs but it’s hard when you don’t know anyone to practice with. 
  45. I also want to get back in shape and start swimming again. 
  46. I’m a fast reader and have great recollection. I was one of those kids in school that never had to study and still got excellent grades. 
  47. I’m finishing writing this in the grocery store. It’s madness in here and I’ve been waiting about 45 minutes. I really hate waiting… I’m really bad at it!
  48. I speak English and Spanish. My parents are from Mexico so I learned Spanish as a kid. My main language is English though and I speak Spanish with an American accent. 
  49. I have one white hair toward the bottom right of my head. 
  50. I have gone about a year and a half now since my last panic attack and I couldn’t be happier about that! 

And that’s 50 facts about me! Let me know what fun facts there are about you! 

Thanks for reading! 

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