My August Equestrian Life!

Hey everyone! Time for another update on my Equestrian life! Now because I’m still in Mexico on vacay (this is a previously scheduled post) I won’t have as much to go over this month. I did have to skip my last two lessons of the month because I’m out of the country for one and a half weeks. Still I had three lessons, so it wasn’t so bad.

What’s New?

I had my first “hack”. Apparently that’s when you ride on your own without an instructor. Now, mine was still around a bit, probably because it was my first one, but she didn’t give me a ton of feedback and was actually out of the room a lot.

I also tacked up Sapphire all on my own! I put the wrong saddle on her but you know, progress. (No wonder she hates me.)


I got to know Kerrie a lot better! I actually like her a lot more, even though she’s difficult. Sapphire has a general “ugh, I have to go to work?” attitude while Kerrie is much better about it. Although Kerrie refused to let me put the bit in her mouth for a looooong time.

Oh! And I got to try posting. In a western saddle but still. I feel ridiculous doing it but supposedly it’ll look nice. Someday…

I also mentioned to my instructor that I wanted to ride in a horse competition someday and she said she’d look to see when the next one is! I should have said “Can I ride in a horse competition someday when I’m more confident in my abilities?” but oh well.

And for the very first time I rode with a crop. I wasn’t too thrilled by the idea of hitting Kerrie but my instructor said “It’s too hot to be fighting with her today.” so I took the crop and warmed up to it eventually. It also helped to reinforce the habit of not holding onto the horn.


How did I do on my August Goals? –

  • Ask for an English saddle again. (Never know until you try!)
    • I did this! Did not yet get one but I have been practicing not holding onto to the horn of the western saddle.
  • Canter longer than one lap around the arena.
    • I did this! Only with Sapphire as Kerrie does not like to canter. I can only get her to go around maybe half a lap before she decides it’s not worth it anymore and I decide I’m in danger of falling off.
  • Take more pictures of the horses. I always feel like I have nothing new when it comes time to write these posts!
    • I kinda did that! I even got a video of Kerrie fighting off the flies! (See the top of this post.)
  • Stay focused when others are in the arena. I always get too worried that they’re too close or that I’ll get in the way or watch them rather than focus on my own riding.
    • I got really good practice at this last week when there were five horse/riders in the area plus parents and instructors.
  • Focus on my form and steering, particularly in the canter.
    • We’re getting there…
  • Be more firm with the horses I ride. I let them get away with wayyyy too much!!
    • The crop really helps! But even without it I feel a lot more confident with the horses!

Trying to find Kerrie can be a challenge

September Goals

  • Not to forget everything I’ve learned during my two weeks off of riding.
  • Ride Kerrie or a new horse my instructor mentioned, Rosie, more often than Sapphire.
  • Try posting again even though it feels dumb.
  • Try a trail ride. My instructor has been promising this for a forever and she still hasn’t taken me!

And that’s my August Equestrian update! Let me know if you have any fun trail riding stories! Like I said, I’m going to be gone but I’ll respond to comments upon my return!

Thanks for reading!

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