My travel beauty bag!

Hey everyone! As you know I’m off in Mexico! I’ve written this post and scheduled it to post in my absence. I’m not expecting to have Internet access while I’m gone so I’ll have to respond to any comments when I return in a week and a half. 

Now I wanted to share with you what I have packed in my beauty bag! Because I’m on vacation I don’t want to bother with pounds of makeup so I’m taking my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and primer with me. I’m also taking my Maybelline Fit Me powder as well and my NYX setting spray.

As for mascara I have a travel sized Estée Lauder mascara. I also chose one lipstick to take with me, the Bare Minerals Chase Your Dreams lipstick with is a nice pinky nude shade.

Then I have my toiletries as well. I packed some shampoo and conditioner, my favorite Sauve strawberry scented ones. I also packed some Neutrogena face wipes and Estée Lauder cleanser. For my daytime moisturizer I have this Eucerin one with sunscreen and my nighttime moisturizer is the Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion lotion.

I packed my Tom’s all natural deodorant and some toothpaste as well as extra contacts and some contact solution. I added in a travel sized shaving cream and razor and a stain remover stick to round that out. Oh, also have all the motion sickness drugs I could find!

Oh and then I have various chargers, and cords, and headphones, etc.

Since I’m just traveling with my carry on I’m not taking more makeup, I wish I was because I want to look good for pictures but honestly I’ll survive. Plus I imagine I’m just going to be sweating way too much anyway so it would be fruitless to pile on makeup. In addition I doubt we’ll be doing anything really fancy anyway and won’t need any makeup. It’ll be good to give my skin a break!

Let me what what you pack in your beauty bag when you travel!

Thanks for reading!


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