Watching the Olympics!

Hey everyone! For today’s Entertainment post I’ll be writing all about my thoughts about the Olympics!

But first I have to share some exciting news with you today! I’m taking a trip to… MEXICO!!!


My parents were born and raised in Mexico and still have a lot of family there so when my mommy wanted to go see her father I decided to tag along. How I managed to convince my parents to let me go, I have no idea because they don’t like the idea, but it’s happening!

A bit more before we get into the actual post, I’m going to be gone for a week an a half. Because of this I’m writing all my posts in advance as I don’t think I’ll have much access to the internet. My grandfather lives very simply and tech free out in the countryside so I won’t be able to check comments or anything but I promise I shall when I return.

I’ll be back by Labor Day (USA, September 5th) so I’ll check everything and respond to comments then. My social media will likely be very, very quiet if there’s any activity at all as I won’t be using data while there.

I will be taking pictures so be on the look out for those posts when I return!

First, a confession: I hate sports.

No, really, I do. I don’t know anything about most sports, I think they’re boring to watch, I think they’re a giant waste of time. At least most of the time.


I mean, I do sometimes watch and enjoy sports. I used to swim in high school so I love watching swimming events when I happen to catch them on tv. I used to run cross country and track in high school and college but I find running events boring so I chose to skip those most of the time. In high school I also did marching band so we had to watch football games and now I hate football because of the forced participation. I avoid football games at all costs. I’ll also watch an occasional soccer match if Barcelona is playing because I studied abroad there in college (that’s literally the only reason). And now I take equestrian lessons!

And once every four years I’m able to convince myself to set aside my extreme avoidance of sports and sit myself down in front of the tv to watch the world’s top athletes come together to showcase their physical superiority to all.

My favorite portions of the Olympics are the Opening/Closing Ceremonies, the swimming events, and the women’s gymnastics events.

Because I live in the US I am forced to watch the NBC coverage of the Olympics, which has been terrible. Most events are not live and you really only watch a couple minutes of the competitions before commercials come on.

I work normal business hours so I’m glad for the opportunity to watch the events I’m most interested in at night, but the problem is that while they start airing the competitions at 6pm, they keep going until midnight, and I need to get to bed!

Photo from Google

For example for the women’s team gymnastics all around finals they started at 6pm and NBC only showed Team USA. Then after two events they switched to swimming, which was live and showed semifinals and finals of many races for two hours until finally airing the rest of the USA events. Very few routines from other countries were aired which I felt took away from the suspense of “who’s going to win?” Plus they really focused on the flaws of the other routines, showing when other competitors fell and since it aired hours after the competition I already knew who won the gold.

It’s hard to enjoy the Olympics with that type of coverage. Obviously NBC is more worried about making as much money from commercials as possible and still want to air some of their regular programs. They’ll also know that people are most interested in Team USA and may not want to watch other teams perform. Also they’ll still want high ratings and will chose to air the most popular events.

When watching the Opening Ceremony NBC started coverage at 5 or 6pm but interrupted so often with commercials that they didn’t finish until midnight or so. It was exhausting! Luckily they didn’t speak too much over the dances at the beginning and gave good tidbits about the athletes and countries as they walked in.

It was a very nice ceremony overall and the USA entrance was lovely. My sister and I watched as there was a sudden break in the flow of the teams entering in the “E” portion of the list and watched as Team USA entered after being announced as Estados Unidos da America (countries entered as their Portuguese name due to the host country Brazil’s native language).

As for the closing ceremony, I’ll admit I didn’t watch too attentively because I was desperately trying to finish the blog posts that will go up while I’m away and trying to fight the flu (lucky me) but the bits I did watch were amazing! The colors were fantasic and the Carnival float was beautiful. I’ll be the first to admit that I had serious doubts that the Rio Olympics would go well but they really have. And the Tokyo references were downright hilarious.

Oh and here’s some of my favorite moments of the Rio 2016 Olympics:

  • Team USA walking in with Micheal Phelps carrying the flag
  • Phelps and Katie Ledecky absolutely dominating in the pool!
  • The women’s gymnastics team winning gold as a team and Simone Biles winning individually.
  • The USA military pole vaulter who stopped during a qualifying attempt when the national anthem started playing.
  • The two athletes, American Abbey D’Agostino and New Zealander Nikki Hamblin, who helped each other finish their heat of the 5,000 m in track.
  • Watching athletes accomplish their dreams and win for their countries.

Things that I didn’t enjoy:

  • Lochte & co lying and making up terrible stories to cover up their bad behavior.
  • Rampant sexism and racism at the games.
  • NBC’s coverage. Especially the lack of equestrian event coverage.
  • Having to wait hours after the events to watch only to be interrupted by commercials and other events.

Hopefully the televised events are better for Tokyo 2020! They do have four years to get it together after all!

Let me know what your favorite part of the Rio 2016 Olympics were!

Thanks for reading!

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