Chicago fun! 

Hey everyone! Here’s something a little new, a little day in the life post!

Well mostly afternoon in the life. I’m starting from when I left the office with some friends to head to the city. All pictures were taken on my iPhone 6. Here we go!

We drove in from the north side so we got a lovely view of Navy Pier heading in. I did not drive but we did take my car into the city. (More on that later.)

We walked by the two light fountains in Millennium Park. You can see the shadows of some kids playing in the water!

We walked down Michigan Avenue in front of the Art Institute Museum. The museum was closed but the lions were more than happy to have their pictures taken I think!

Of course, we found the Bean! Aka Cloud Gate. Since we had a visitor in the office from Maryland (where another one of the company’s offices is located) we wanted to make sure she saw at least some of the big tourist spots. The others with me were my sister, Melissa, as well as our friends/coworkers Diana and Celena who are also coincidentally sisters.

We spent some time trying to catch some music but we unfortunately didn’t. We ended up leaving while the next group was setting up so we could find food. Since I didn’t save the original, here’s the picture with the Grant Park filter from Snapchat (StarringPamela there as well)!

We also walked down to Buckingham Fountain after getting some Panera for dinner. It was great because by the time we got there it was dark out and we got some good pictures of the lights!

On the drive in I told my buddies about how I accidentally scared a woman away from the Congress Hotel because it is reportedly haunted when I worked in the company’s call center. Basically the company I work for does registration and housing for corporate events, conventions, and other large gatherings. Since they’re traveling they sometimes will ask us about the hotels, which I rarely know anything about. This time I did and the caller still wasn’t happy! Customer service is a tough job…

I was with two friends, my sister, and our visitor from the Maryland office and we all agreed that if any of us are sent to work onsite in the city we’ll book a room in the Congress and allow the others to camp out. Fingers crossed it’ll happen!


I didn’t get many pictures with my face but here I am (on the right with sunglasses on my head) with my friend Celena. She was the lovely driver for the night and she is just a lovely person all around. She is also Jeremy’s mommy, whom I’ve talked about in previous posts and she always has funny stories about her adventures raising him. Thank you again for driving Celena!


And lastly is this picture I took during our trek to Buckingham Fountain. I absolutely love black and white photography after taking a black and white film photography class in college. This is one of my favorite pictures as of late that I’ve taken.

And that was the day! We left soon after but we stopped at a Mexican restaurant called Los Comales for food at around 10pm before we headed back to the office where everyone left their cars. We were super hungry by that time so I didn’t get any pictures of my tacos but they were good, although a little bit greasier than the tacos at the Los Comales closer to me. Ah well, tacos are tacos!

Let me know what you would show off to visitors in Chicago or the city closest to you! Or if you were to visit Chicago, what would you be most excited to do?

Thanks for reading!

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