Office Fashion 2!

Hello everyone! Time for another batch of OOTDs from my office life. I also have one outfit that I didn’t wear to work but wore over the weekend included in here as well. I’ll also add in a few style favorites as well. Here we go!

This is one of my favorite outfits, although it is a little dark for pictures in the bathroom! The shirt is from Loft and is navy blue with white spots all over it. The sleeves are three-quarters length, which is my favorite length, and it’s very light weight material. I wore it with jeans and sandals but I don’t like how it looks in the picture on the right. It looks much better in person!

Next up is my outfit for my work outing! I believe it is a Banana Republic dress. We went to the Arlington Racetrack for the afternoon so I wore this light coral dress. Unfortunately it’s not my favorite because the material wrinkles so easily but it was great for the day because it was very hot out. Luckily this dress also had an open back which let a nice breeze to my back, and because I’m so short the back still covered me completely so I didn’t show greats amounts of skin! I did wear it with black sandals but I need to look out for coral/pink sandals in the future! Oh and I almost forgot the best part. This dress has pockets!

Here is a Banana Republic shirt I actually like a lot more in the pictures than I do in real life. This shirt is also a lightweight top and it’s a deep purple/blue color. I feel like it looks more purple in the pictures which I actually like more, in person it looks more blue but it works out pretty well.

Here is a Charming Charlie shirt that I actually featured in my previous clothing haul post (which you can read here). Unfortunately I don’t really like it as I feel that it cuts off in an awkward place because of the string/belt on it but I think the print is really cute! Oh well. I imagine I’ll probably wear it a few more times before donating it or something.


And now for my fancy outfit of the month! I got this dress from Loft. It is a deep blue with white and black figures. It also has a black belt-like stripe that acts as a belt as well. I wore it with these Alfani flats although I did change into a pair of black suede Alfani heels later.

This is one of my favorite shirts. It’s a nice pink shirt with leaves printed on it. I like how it looks and feels as it’s very light and airy as well. The shirt does tie around the neck in the back so it does get kind of annoying when I wear my hair down with it. Otherwise it’s a great shirt! I picked this one up from Loft, and I’m very happy I did! I did wear it with my new favorite Loft jeans as well.


Now for my non-work outfit, this stripped Loft dress! I wore it to go to the circus recently with some aqua blue sandals from Call it Spring. (More on the sandals below.) This dress does have pockets, which is amazing! It is a thicker material so it’s not quite the ideal dress for the summer but as it was getting late and I figured that the circus tent might be air conditioned then I wasn’t worried.

img_3002Here are the Call it Spring sandals! I absolutely love these! They are very comfy although I’ve already scuffed them after a few wears.


These are definitely my favorite shoes ever! These are my black Sperry’s and they have black reflective specks on them that make them look glittery! I especially like them because I don’t have to tie any laces, which is great, and they’re very comfortable. On a recent trip to Chicago with friends we walked around a lot and my feet didn’t hurt one bit, which was great. Although I think they’re technically not acceptable office footwear, no one has said anything about them so I’ll keep wearing them as long as I can get away with it!


And finally, here is my handbag favorite as of late. I actually used it for Fourth of July and I plan to use it for Labor Day as well! I really like the studs and I remember having my eye on this ever since I first saw it in Charming Charlie. I finally got one when it was discounted and I’m really glad I did. This bag is huge though, which is a drawback because I’m trying to get smaller bags to carry less but oh well. It’s still very pretty!


And that’s my latest outfits! If you want to check out my first Office Fashion post you can find it here. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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