Future Hobbies? (And blog updates!)

Hey everyone! So I’ve been considering my favorite pastimes lately, and thinking of making a few changes to my blog. 

If you’ll remember from one of my previous posts, Finding time for fun!, you’ll remember that my goal of the year is FUN. To have more fun, specifically.

In that post I talked about how to schedule for fun. Now I want to tell you about the hobbies I want to add to my schedule.

I think you know most of my current hobbies since I blog about them so often. Reading is huge in my life, I love going to see live theatre productions (particularly musicals although I want to see more plays), I’ve taken up horseback riding, and, of course, I love all things beauty.

I have a few hobbies that I don’t write about mostly because I’ve been neglecting them. I love creative writing and I like baking (although I never venture away from the recipe on the back of the cake mix box). I normally do both of these more in the late fall/winter months anyway so I’m not too worried about them, I’ll get to them soon I’m sure.

I also have hobbies that I have put aside that I really want to pick up again.

I used to swim competitively in high school on the school team and that was something that I got very good at, very quickly. I had no idea how to swim when I started for the team. I’m not going to lie, I mostly only joined in hopes of learning how to not drown. I didn’t know that lessons were a thing then, the only things I was exposed to was from the school so that’s how I ended up on the team. By the time I got to my senior year, however, I had made the varsity team and was team captain. Then I went to college where there was no team available at all to join.

I miss swimming and I’ve actually found a non-competitive but serious program for adults that I really want to join. They meet Tuesdays and Thursdays so I would still be able to ride on Wednesdays however the problem is cost. This team is the only one that works with my schedule but they practice in a very expensive gym that is not located in the district where I live. Money isn’t something that I normally worry about but as I’m thinking of going back to school for my master’s degree, I have been more mindful of how I spend my money.

Still this is something I really want to do and will continue to look into.

Another old hobby was music. I played flute for over 10 years, starting in middle school and continuing through college. I never got really good at it, actually if we’re being honest I was actually pretty bad. I was never serious and never practiced. The only time I was ever good was about three years into it because I was the only student that would show up to the group lessons the music department required in middle school (but didn’t punish students that didn’t show), so essentially I had private lessons. I didn’t take my own private lessons until my senior semester (I graduated early so I don’t say senior year) of college.

After graduation I didn’t continue lessons or played. I want to look for either flute or voice lessons though to get back into music. I’m pretty sure if I were to pick up my flute now it would need tons of repairs because it is a ten year old flute. Either that or I might just need a whole new flute entirely. For voice, I’m not a good singer by any means but I’d love to at least try lessons so I can sing musical theatre songs in my car and not feel embarrassed.

And lastly, archery. I bought a bow and some arrows years ago after Disney’s Brave came out and The Hunger Games was a big thing. I had wanted to learn archery since reading about Robin Hood and his Merry Men in middle school and so we have a makeshift archery practice range in our basement at home (much to my mother’s chagrin). I never practice anymore although I was getting the hang of it back when we first got it. I likely won’t seek out lessons for this one but I will try to practice more often.

And that’s my plans for hobbies and pastimes! Before I wrap this post up though I do want to give some updates on my blog. First up, I’ll be changing the schedule. On Mondays will be Entertainment posts, mostly bookish posts but also can be other media as well. Wednesdays will remain beauty and style days and Fridays will be my random/miscellaneous days which will include my equestrian posts and general life posts. Essentially my Mondays and Fridays will be switching. Also, I will be changing my post time from 4:00pm CST to 5:00pm CST. Or at least that’s my goal. If I don’t post at that time it’s because I haven’t had the change to write yet and will do so later in the day but there will be a post up.

So that’s all for today, I do hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what your hobbies or dream hobbies are in the comments! I suppose I forgot to mention blogging as my hobby but that’s a given isn’t it? (I hope so!)

Thanks for reading!

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