Clothing and Make Up Haul! (And other items!)

Hey everyone! This is a two part haul, mostly of clothing items. Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I hate shopping for clothing.

Make up? LOVE IT.

Books? SIGN ME UP.

Clothing? Eh.

I’m one of those people that has to try on the item in the store and I hate asking a sales person to get something for me. So that means I have to go, ask for a fitting room if that particular store has them locked, try on the item, decide if I like it or not, and then make my purchases. But if I didn’t grab the right size or want to try something else I have to get redressed and go out to get the item and then start all over again. Sigh. Still, it has to be done, and it can even be quite fun if I find something I like.

Here’s some of the items I picked up.


Banana Republic

First up is the maxi dress that I absolutely fell in love with. Now, I’m quite short, I’m 5 feet and 2 inches so I never really wanted to try a maxi dress, convinced I’d trip over it all day. I tried this dress on just because in the store and I had to have it. I do have to adjust the straps to make them as short as possible but I can live with that!


Now these pants I got because my mom had recently bought a pair and I loved how they looked and matched with everything. I had to get my own!


Next is this lovely blue top was actually from Meijer’s! If you don’t know Meijer’s is large store that sells groceries but also clothing, make up, and other items. (Think Walmart.) I randomly decided to go with my mom and was looking through the tops when I saw this one. I’m excited to wear it!


This is also a Meijer top. I normally don’t wear black tops or buy black clothing as I worked at a retail store for a year where I could only wear black. However, they are useful to have and so I picked this one up.


And my last Meijer clothing, this red printed top! It’s kind of a busy print but I really liked it when I saw it and I think would be nice for the fall.



One of my favorite clothing stores is Loft, so I get a lot of my clothes from there. I picked up this orange printed shirt on a recent trip there which I think is the perfect beach shirt! Problem is, I don’t go to the beach so I’ll need a different occasion for this top.


Remember that maxi dress story I told you earlier? I had the same thoughts about maxi skirts. And same thing, I tried one on and I had to have it! This skirt was kind of frustrating to try to buy because the Loft I went to had signs everywhere (and I mean everywhere) about everything in the store being 40% off. When I got to the register the girl said that this skirt wasn’t included so I chose to leave without it.

But later I still really wanted it and my mom had also loved how it looked on me so we went back to buy it. When we got there I actually found a petite size which was even better and on top of that the petite skirt was under a sign that said skirts were 50% off! The girl at the register also tried to tell me the skirt didn’t count for the promotion but when she went to check the sign out she couldn’t argue with that. And that’s how I got this skirt 50% off!


Apparently this is the month of style changes. I told myself long, long ago that I’d never wear a jean jacket. Then for the past few months I’ve found myself looking for one, but finding them too expensive, too cheap, too ripped, etc. Finally, I found this one! It’s a great jacket and looked great on me. I can’t wait until it’s colder out so I can wear it.


I know I have too many flowered tops but this one was too cute to pass up! I know this kind of looks like the back of the shirt but it is the front, the back has a tie around the neck so that is a bummer as it’s very smooth and the tie comes undone easily but it’s still a very cute shirt.


This is one of my favorite purchases from Loft. I really like this one because it’s so flowy and beautiful. Although it was a little more than I wanted to spend on one shirt I do really like it and hope to wear it loads in the coming months.

Charming Charlie


I know, Charming Charlie is a strange place to get clothing sometimes. The store is so accessory heavy it’s easy to pass over the clothing items. However I did manage to find this shirt hidden away! I do love the print but it’s not that flattering on me so I do wish I had been able to try this one on in the store (the store I went to didn’t have fitting rooms).


And last of my clothing items is this hunter green shrug from Charming Charlie. I haven’t worn this one yet but it’s very soft and will be perfect for fall!

Random Items!

So it has been three years since my graduation and I had never bought a frame for my diploma. I had always just considered it a waste of money because the ones I’d seen were always around $200-300. However I found this one at Micheal’s and immediately bought it and put my diploma (not pictured) and tassel in! The tassel was a pain to get into the frame and when I told my boss this story she said that having it framed may have been worth it. I kind of agree!

I also picked up this cute little trash bin from Target. I wanted one for my room so I wouldn’t have a loose bag of garbage hanging off my door knob while I clean. This one is perfect and pretty roomy so I approve!

After breaking my Bose headphones (they still work but the volume control is hanging on and there is static noises if you move the cord too much) I needed something new. These Skull Candy headphones are pretty good but constantly falling out of my ears and the button only really works to pause and not change the volume. I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them either.

I also got these headphones at Target for $5. They’re comfy and look really cute, but don’t do very well to block out the sound to others. I only use them at home anyway so it’s not so big of a deal.

And my new favorite shoes ever, these cute aqua blue sandals from a store named Call It Spring. I really like these and have worn them a few times already. Unfortunately they’re pretty soft so part of the end is already scuffed but they’re very comfortable and look great!

Make Up

Bet you thought I forgot the make up, huh? Nope! Here is a Milani blush I found at Walmart. Unfortunately they were all a little beat up but my mom had been so excited to show me this brand that she discovered and thought I didn’t know about that I still wanted to get some stuff. I had wanted to try it out anyway so it worked out! This blush is in 08 Tea Rose.

I also picked up two lipsticks. One is a nice dusty pink in 42 Rose Femme. I’ve already worn it and I think its a little too pale for me, so I might put this one away until winter when my summer glow is gone.

I also bought a red in 07 Best Red. I haven’t tried this yet but it looked so beautiful in the store that I had to pick it up. Unfortunately the lipsticks were also smashed so I got the least damaged one I could find that didn’t also look used.

And lastly I bought this Milani eye shadow palette in 04 Plum Basics. I haven’t tried this one out yet but I’ve heard good things about the eye shadows and I’m really excited to!

And that’s it! I’ve been trying not to buy things but I just keep finding beautiful items to purchase. Let me know what you’ve recently bought!

Thanks for reading!


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