Let’s Reconnect

Hey everyone! Today’s post will be a life post. Lately I’ve been thinking about friends I’ve had that I’ve lost touch with over the years. I’ve been thinking a lot about them lately for some reason and while I have lovely new friends at work, I find myself missing people from my past.

I’m terrible at staying in touch. I don’t reach out as often as I should and then when people reach out to me I don’t respond quickly enough and then, because I’ve let so much time go by, I don’t respond because I think it’s just been too long.


For example, I ran into my best friend from elementary school at the library last December at the Harry Potter Christmas event. Around New Year’s she asked me to hang out. I completely forgot to reply and by March I felt that it was too long to ago to respond. To this day I wish I had taken up her offer as I really would have liked for us to catch up.

Then there are college friends that I knew and liked but didn’t keep a close relationship with. Sure, we’re friends on Facebook but it’s not the same. My cross country teammate from my freshman and sophomore year that was later my editor when I was on the student newspaper, the exchange student from Madrid that I would meet at Starbucks, the exchange student from Italy I see every year but don’t hang out with enough (she has now moved to the US), the theatre lover and education major that lived across from me my freshman year, the lovely friends I made in Barcelona (now scattered through Europe), and so many more.

One of my first days in Barcelona.

Graduation was three years ago and I want to reconnect with all of them. Problem is, I feel that it’s been too long. I’ve been starting small. Instead of just liking their pictures on Instagram or Facebook I’ve also been commenting. Not on every post, but just a few. Hopefully it’ll lead to me reaching out and forming those friendships again. I know that if I do, I definitely won’t throw away my shot!

Let me know if you have any tips on reconnecting with old friends. I sure would appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!

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