My July Equestrian Life!

Hello everyone! It’s time to go over my July Equestrian experiences and thoughts. Normally equestrian posts go up on Mondays but as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling came out last weekend and I wanted to get a review up I did switch these two. We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week!

What’s new?

Normally I have a lesson once a week. However, one of my lessons in July was cancelled as it was too hot for the horses. I was actually fine with it and I’m thinking of switching my lessons to every other week so I can have more time for other hobbies.


I finally got to ride a new horse! This is Kerrie, and she’s very beautiful and not very easy to ride. Apparently Sapphire has only been pretending that I know how to ride and just knows what I want her to do. (Actually she’s very good at this. When we’re practicing our canter she tries to canter without me telling her to.) Kerrie was difficult to get started on but eventually I got her moving after kicking her will all the strength in my little legs. Apparently there have been people who have spent most of their lessons standing still because she just doesn’t feel like moving.

After Kerrie I can definitely be more firm with Sapphire and Sapphire feels soooo much smaller now! She and I are almost besties now and she seems to enjoy my company. After I had to miss one week because of the heat I think she missed me! (She likely didn’t but let’s pretend.)

I got new treats for the horses! I bought ridiculous pop tart look-alike treats for the horses that seem to be made of just pure sugar. I guess Sapphire likes them because she hasn’t spit them out but apparently she’s not a picky horse. I also got some treats made with carrots, which made me stop and wonder why I didn’t just buy fresh carrots.


And lastly, I bought my very own helmet! The brand is Ovation and I don’t know much about it otherwise but it fits my head and supposedly will keep me safe so I’m fine with it. It came with a drawstring bag so I’ve taken to just stuffing the helmet, treats, and a change of clothes in the bag. Since I go straight to the barn from work I don’t have time to go home and change but I do have time to change at the barn in their bathroom.


  •  I rode a new horse pretty successfully!
  • My trot is so much better and cantering is getting easier.
  • I bought a helmet.
  • I can mostly get tack up a horse on my own (I think that’s the right way to use that phrase).


  •  My canter is kind of wobbly and I can’t go very far before I get too scared.
  • Honestly I don’t think I’m making as much progress as I should be so I have been feeling bored this month.

How did I do on my July goals?

  • I’d like to finally get a good seat in the trot and continue to work on my canter.
    • I’m MUCH better in the trot now. Finally! I really enjoy trotting now although I think I need to start wearing a sports bra when riding (tmi alert). Cantering is tons of fun although I cannot ride at a canter pace without holding onto the horn of the saddle for dear life.
  • I look forward to having more lessons outdoors. I like being inside but outside is a pretty cool place to be.
    • It’s actually cooler (temperature wise) inside lately because of the shade so this one has not worked out.
  • I’d like to be able to tack up Sapphire all on my own (likely won’t happen in July because of the saddle thing but I’ll work on it).
    • Actually, I am able to do this! My instructor disappears so I get to do everything all on my own and I’m getting pretty good at this. Also I think Sapphire seriously doubts my ability to tighten her saddle to begin with so she’s not that worried.
  • Make a friend at the barn besides my instructor (doubtful this will happen as there’s never really too many people there when I am and most people are busy with their horses).
    • Not yet… I mean, I talked a bit with a little 5 year old and a younger rider but I was hoping for a friend a bit closer to my age. Unfortunately Wednesday afternoons are not popular times at the barn.
  • Buy a helmet!!!
    • I did this!

August Goals

  • Ask for an English saddle again. (Never know until you try!)
  • Canter longer than one lap around the arena.
  • Take more pictures of the horses. I always feel like I have nothing new when it comes time to write these posts!
  • Stay focused when others are in the arena. I always get too worried that they’re too close or that I’ll get in the way or watch them rather than focus on my own riding.
  • Focus on my form and steering, particularly in the canter.
  • Be more firm with the horses I ride. I let them get away with wayyyy too much!!

So that was my July Equestrian Adventures! I can’t wait to see what kind of fun August brings. Since I’ve already had one August lesson I can tell it’ll be fun already. Oh, and if you have any tips for cantering or posting let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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