My July Life!

Hello everyone! August is here so it’s time to go over the fun from July. Normally I feel like the months go buy really fast but I didn’t really feel like it did this time. Actually we were really busy at work so it couldn’t go fast enough. Unfortunately it does mean the summer is almost over but I feel like I’m ready for the fall.

Pokemon Go

Yup, Pokemon Go has consumed my battery life. I wrote a post about my experience on Pokemon Go when it first came out (which you can find here) and I’m still playing! I now have caught 44 different types of Pokemon, so only 106 left to catch! 😀

Strawberry picking

I went strawberry picking with my mother and sister early July. I had a blast. We went on the last weekend so the berries were mostly small but still really sweet. Since we didn’t have breakfast before we went we ate a ton of strawberries and actually finished two baskets before any could go bad. We’re a bunch of strawberry fiends.

Food Truck Friday


And another Food Truck Friday! There were two this month but I was only able to go to one as it started raining as soon as I was about to leave to the food trucks and didn’t want to get soaked. I did get a really good wrap from one of the trucks with chicken, avocado, BBQ sauce, and jalapenos. It was amazing!

Libertyville Farmer’s Market

The Libertyville Farmer’s Market is on Thursday mornings every week in the summer. I always would forget but now I’ve been going every week. I get some fruit for breakfast (albeit overpriced and not that good I’ve learned), and I try to get a chai tea latte with almond milk if the coffee food truck (same truck as Food Truck Friday’s coffee truck) is there and ready to make drinks. Since the market opens at 7am and I normally start work at 7:30am I have about 15 minutes to walk around and get stuff before I have to go back to my car. Oh, and there are a ton of pokestops in the area so I try to head there really early to get the stops and their goodies!

Company Picnic

I don’t have any pictures of my own from the picnic because I was too busy putting it together! I’m on the social committee so I headed to our picnic area early to set up decorations and then I was greeting people as they arrived. The area looked really cute, if I do say so myself! I got a ton of cheap decorations from Target that were mostly banners of things like pencils or apples and some cute chalk boards with rulers on the edges that we used to list the drinks available so our “bartender” aka social committee volunteer wouldn’t have to list them a million times.

For our greeting table I got a poster that said “Classroom Rules” and had someone write out “Welcome to our Picnic” and the ticket color meanings (red for raffle, blue for drinks). We had put them in brown paper bags (like school lunch bags) with candy, trivia, and pens to hand out so I did that. We also had food catered (pizza, hot dogs, cheesy bread) and set up fans around the shelter we rented.

Unfortunately it was really, really hot so I don’t think people enjoyed themselves as much as they would have but everyone was talking to each other and seemed to like the food as well.

I do have pictures from our school supply drive! As our chosen theme was “Back to School” I suggested we collect supplies to donate. One of our employees has a daughter who works at a school with lots of children who are low income so we managed to get a lot of good stuff for the kids. I hope they help them out even a little!

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor day

My mom, sister, and I went to Six Flags for a Hurricane Harbor day this month as well. We have season passes with free parking and dining passes that give us lunch and a snack so we headed there before the park opened and we got good seats set aside for ourselves at the wave pool. Then my sister and I headed to all the slides we wanted to go on before the lines got long while my mom relaxed at the wave pool. After the lines started getting longer we went on the lazy river and then spent time in the wave pool. We got chicken tenders and fries for lunch, and then more wave pool until we finally had enough of Hurricane Harbor and moved onto the rest of the park.


We immediately went to the new ride, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. It’s like a laser shooting ride and since it’s new the ride was long. My sister and I risked the single rider line, where you are essentially just stuck on the ride wherever you fit. For example, if there’s rooms for 6 riders and one party only has 5, 1 person is added from the single rider’s line. We did this twice and both times we actually sat together anyway so it worked out well for us. We then moved on and found a pokestop with a lure (we’re such nerds!) and sat for awhile catching Pokemon.

When we moved on we looked at showtimes for the acrobats and decided to stay awhile longer. Then it started to pour and we ran for shelter on one of the covered bridges in the park that separate the areas with a ton of other people. We sat there for a long time actually and when the rain finally let up we went to the theater for the acrobatic show since all the rides were still stopped.

The show was a lot of fun and really beautiful! Afterwards we used our snacks to get funnel cakes and ate those before heading home. It was a very fun, and very wet day!

AC went out – home and work!

On the hottest weekend of the year (I think) our AC went out at home! You can read the full story here but basically the AC was out for the whole weekend. Then I get to the normally freezing office and find that the AC is out there too! Luckily everything was fixed later that day and has been working great ever since.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Release

If you don’t know by now, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. So when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was announced I was thrilled and worried. Thrilled because more Harry Potter! And worried because I didn’t thought there was a possibility that the story would not live up to the rest of the series. You can read more of my thoughts on this book in my review that you can find here. There are spoilers at the end but the beginning is spoiler free. If you prefer to avoid it altogether you can also read my Pottermore sorting results here.

Kenosha Farmer’s Market


And last but not least, I also went to the Kenosha Farmer’s Market with my mother! This one was different than the Libertyville market. This one had art and local businesses that didn’t just have food too. It was really more of a street festival to be honest, they also had tents that sold alcoholic beverages and live music. One stand sold bubbles so you can see in the picture where everyone is playing with the bubbles and kids are running to get them.

So that’s my July! Not terrible exciting unfortunately but still fun, nevertheless. I have a few adventures I’m considering for August but I am prioritizing musicals so I think I might skip those events and just go see more shows later in the year. Plus I might try to plan a vacation sometime this year to use the rest of the time off I have at work. We’ll see what August brings!

Let me know what you’ve been up to in July in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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