July Favorites!

Hey everyone! It’s time for my July Favorites! This month will be a bunch of different types of favorites, not just beauty. I’ve been using the same products over and over again so there’s not too much that’s new but here we go!

Favorite Foundation


My favorite foundation has been this Urban Decay Skin Foundation. I wrote a longer review here on this product so I won’t go too in depth but I love it because it is so lightweight and perfect for summer! I wore this at my company’s summer picnic on a 90 degree Fahrenheit day and I was still wearing it at the end!

Favorite Powder


Along with my foundation, the other secret to long wearing make up for me has been this Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I like it because it is very easy to apply, even when you accidentally put a huge streak of it on it’s easy to fix. Honestly the packaging could be better, once you peel off the sticker the powder can get out through the holes of the plastic separator very easily. It might be because it’s the travel size that it’s cheaper packaging but I feel like I wouldn’t want to travel with it because of that. Otherwise, it’s great to use and I love it!

Favorite Lipstick

My favorite lipstick of the month has been this Milani lipstick 42 Rose Femme. It’s a nudey pink shade and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Plus the packaging is so lovely and shiny as well. It’s very creamy and smooth to apply. This is a drugstore lipstick and costs around $5 so I think it’s very much worth the price. I find that it also stays on for a long time, although I haven’t tried it yet while eating and drinking.

Favorite clothing item


My favorite clothing item would have to be these Loft shorts that I wore to the company picnic. They have multicolored triangles on them which I loved and it was very comfortable to wear. It was extremely warm on the day of the picnic so I was happy that shorts were an option!

Favorite horse


I know I probably shouldn’t pick favorites but meet Kerrie! I got to ride a different horse other than Sapphire this month and I’ll be talking more about them in my upcoming July Equestrian post (next week Monday). She’s definitely a harder horse to ride than Sapphire and taller, but she’s just as pretty!

Favorite Sunscreen


I have loved this Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 sunscreen this month! I don’t burn very easily (thank you Mexican genes I got from my parents) but I can still burn and I have become quite paranoid of skin cancer in recent years. I have tried many sunscreens but this one is the one I like the best so far. Even after swimming last weekend I still had sunscreen on from the last application when I would reapply. This sunscreen gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Favorite App

And my favorite app is… Pokemon Go! I wrote a little post on my Pokemon Go experiences here and I’m still enjoying the game. I have caught a lot more Pokemon and evolved a few more so that’s been fun. I have a ton of eggs that I need to hatch but I’m forever forgetting to open the app so that hasn’t been going so well. Whoops!

So that’s my July Favorites! Let me know what you’ve been enjoying this month.

Thanks for reading!

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