Story time: Staying Cool in the Summer!

Hi everyone! So it’s the end of July and I’m just now writing this post. Why? Well because I didn’t really think about it until the AC at my house broke over the weekend! Fun times… 

Here’s how I survived!

Friday Night: The AC goes out!

The AC went out over the night but I didn’t really notice. I do remember waking up and thinking it was a little warm so I threw off the quilt I had over me and went back to sleep.

Saturday: Go for a swim at the amusement/water park!


The next morning it was a lot warmer and the ceiling fans were running like crazy. I got read for the day, as my mom, sister, and I had agreed to go to Six Flags Great America, a theme park close to us, for the day.

Unfortunately I don’t have a pool at home but I do have a season pass to Six Flags and that includes their water park, Hurricane Harbor! I was extremely happy that we’d made these plans.

The day was very hot, around 90 degrees Fahrenheit but clouds rolled in around midday that blocked the sun. It was perfect water park day! Since we were there right when the park opened we were able to go on a lot of the slides. Season pass holders get to go in first so the crowds didn’t start rolling in until about two hours later. By that time we grabbed lunch and hung out in the shallow end of the wave pool and rode around the lazy river a few times.

Afterwards we went around the rest of the park for a bit and rode the newest ride, which is an indoors ride, twice. My sister and I caught a ton of Pokemon as people dropped lures on the many Pokestops and got caught in a thunder storm. We took shelter and then ended up watching an acrobatic show in a theatre that was air conditioned. Afterwards we also got funnel cakes and headed back home.

My dad had called the AC repair man early in the morning but unfortunately he had already been heading out to someone else’s place and couldn’t stop at ours right away. When he finally got to us he found the faulty piece of the AC but couldn’t replace it as it was a larger unit than he normally worked with and the normal pieces wouldn’t fit. Since the next day was Sunday, stores would be closed so he told us he’d have to wait until Monday to fix it. Sigh.

Saturday night: Find any and all fans!

Since it was so warm we scrambled to find fans for the bedrooms. My sister ended up opening her windows to keep her room cool and gave me her fan from college. I set it up on my bedside table as it was very small. My mom also had a fan that she set up in her room. My dad hates being too hot to he went to sleep in the basement. It was good arrangements and everyone got their beauty sleep.

Sunday morning: Working with Dad!


On Sundays I usually help my dad out with his landscaping business. As it had rained the night before I didn’t water plants like I usually do but I did spray weed killer on the brick driveway of the property we work at. We also cleaned up fallen branches and such. It was hot but we started early enough that we were done by midday and took a lot of water breaks.

Sunday afternoon: Lunch and relaxing.

On our way home from work we stopped to pick up lunch so we wouldn’t have to use the stove. We picked up tamales and a few other things that were pre-made and already warm. Afterwards I tried to read a book in my room with the fan on but it was still too hot. I ended up wandering down to the basement, coming upstairs only to get another book when I finished the first one and to get ready for bed.

Sunday night: Bedtime! Camping in the basement.

The basement is a mess but here’s the ceiling! 

The whole family ended up sleeping downstairs as it was a good 20 degrees cooler down there than it was upstairs. Unfortunately I did wake up when my mom did at 3am and then when my dad got up at 4:30am. And then I woke up my sister at 5:30am. But we were nice and cool!

Monday morning: Getting ready for work!

I took my time getting ready in the morning as I didn’t want to get all sweaty before work. As the office is usually very cold I put on jeans and a tank top under my shirt. I moved about slowly to make sure I didn’t get too warm as the house was very hot already. When I finally got outside I was about 8 minutes late, but I always leave very early anyway so I wasn’t in a rush.

Outside was much, much cooler than it was inside the house and I drove with the windows down the entire way, looking forward to the cold office sanctuary.

Monday morning part 2: At work update

Closed the blinds to try to keep the heat out from the sun.

THE OFFICE IS HOT. It’s at least 80 degrees in here. This is literally the worst.

The other side of the office is cold though so I’m hoping the cold air will make it’s way to my desk soon. It’s been two and a half hours though so I’ve also started looking online at the closest stores to the office for a maxi dress or skirt to go out and buy and change into.


So that’s my hot weekend! This post is scheduled to go up on Monday afternoon so hopefully the AC is fixed at home when I get there and the AC starts circulating through the whole office before the end of the day. I’ll be drinking tons of water with ice today for sure!

Thanks for reading!

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