Playing Pokemon Go!

Hello everyone! Yup, I play Pokemon Go. 



Having grown up with Pokemon I first heard of this app a long time ago and was skeptical. When the app was released I downloaded it to give it a try. Since then I haven’t grown obsessed with the game but I do think it’s a lot of fun. Here are some of my thoughts and a bit on how I’ve been doing in the game!


Unfortunately the game requires you to log in with a gmail account. I did so and started playing. My starter was Squirtle. Since I started playing right away I didn’t know the trick to get a Pikachu but I love Squirtle so much it doesn’t bother me. You can catch the starters later on down the line as well so you could get multiples of them but I haven’t caught any others. I’ve seen lots of Bulbasaur outlines but I haven’t actually caught them or gone looking for them.

Eevee in the living room!

That’s pretty much a rule I have for the game. I’ll check the app when I’m out and about running errands, or when stopped at a red light (if I’m not driving) but I won’t go run around and go out of my way to find Pokemon or Pokestops. I also haven’t bothered with gyms either since I’m not at a very high level in the game.


I am on level 8 and I chose Team Mystic (Blue) in the game. I’ve captured 79 Pokemon but only seen 32 different Pokemon. I’ve also evolved 4 and hatched 4 eggs (working on my 5th).



I’ve used the Eevee evolution trick and it seems to work. I’ve only done it once and I did get a Vaporeon after naming the Eevee “Rainer”. (Rumor has it that naming an Eevee “Pyro” will get you a Flareon and “Sparky” will get you Jolteon.) I hope to get a Flareon next!

Abra in the conference room… Gotta get it!

Because I’m not worried about getting to a higher level or “catching ’em all” it’s honestly starting to get a bit boring for me. I live in the suburbs so there’s also not that much Pokemon activity where I spend my time.

This app is also a huge battery drain, especially considering that the app must be open in order for your steps to hatch the eggs you get and as you’re walking and searching for Pokemon. The servers are much better now than they were when the app first launched but it’s still not consistent which is annoying.

There are Pokestops that I regularly visit such as one at the local library and near where I visit a farmers market but the servers were down so often before I normally didn’t get to actually use the Pokestops. Luckily now it’s better so I’ve managed to restock on balls but I wish there was a way to restock without spending real life money or going to Pokestops. (Like getting more balls for a certain number of steps or something.)

I haven’t battled in any gyms and don’t really plan to either. I likely won’t continue playing for much longer but it is fun and it’s nice that it’s gotten people out and about.

Let me know if you’ve been playing Pokemon Go and, if so, what your tips are!

Thanks for reading!


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