Back to School?

Hey everyone, I’m kind of at a crossroads in my life right now, the kind where I don’t know which is the better choice although it will likely be clearer in hindsight. One of my good friends (shout out to you Diana!) suggested that I make a pros and cons list. So this essentially my list so here we go!

Frame I bought yesterday for my undergrad degree. Three years after graduation…

I want to go back to school. Grad school! Three years after being free of homework and tests and group projects, I think I’m finally ready to go back and learn in a classroom setting and get myself an MBA.

And my life right now lends itself well to the idea. I have very little obligations, financial or otherwise, that would get in the way of my study time. I live at home so I have a grand total of two bills that I pay a month: one is my undergraduate loans, and the second is my credit card which I use for gas and online purchases (aka when I buy lunch and need to reload my Starbucks app).

But one issue is finding a program that works well for me. Most programs are very much meant to be done as a full time student but I have no intention of doing so. I’d much rather take weekend classes with maybe one during the week. But because of this part time programs can take three or four years to complete when I was really hoping to graduate in two.

IMG_3021 cropped
Frame I bought yesterday for my undergrad degree. Three years after graduation…

While I am very lucky in the sense that I really never worry about money, I have been very worried about the idea of paying for graduate school. I don’t want to end up with huge amounts of loans because I managed to get through undergrad with an amount of loans that I consider to be very, very low compared to others. I had a manager at a previous job who had three times the amount of loans that I had and we had similar degrees.

One other worry I’ve had is the GMAT or GRE tests. To apply to graduate programs, most schools require standardized tests. As I’ve been out of school for three years so the prospect of taking the tests has been causing me a lot of worry. Also, my grades weren’t stellar in undergrad. Long story short, I focused more on extra circulars than I did on getting perfect grades, which I am regretting now. Because of this I feel the pressure to score very well on the test.

Visiting my alma mater a bit after graduation.

I did find a program though that fits my needs. My alma mater! My school from undergrad would allow me to get an MBA in two years as a part time student, a free class because I am an alumni, and it doesn’t require test scores to apply.

The downside? I’m not sure if I want to go to the same school because I kind of want to experience another school. I absolutely loved my undergrad experience but it was a small school and perfect for me at the time, but I did want a larger school for my graduate studies.

I was told in undergrad that doing your graduate work at the same school might show that you’re unwilling to try new things to future potential employers. In addition, I don’t really think I’m qualified yet to apply. MBA programs usually want you to have a few years experience in the workplace but two of my three years of experience are customer service related, which I don’t think really counts, plus my job right now doesn’t even require a degree to begin with.

Plus, I kind of feel like it would be “the easy way” to get an advanced degree. I mean, at the end of the day I would still have the degree but

Oh, and the deadline to apply is in two weeks.

My graduation three years ago!

I feel like I’m going to wait until the spring semester, research more schools, take the GMAT, and then apply. I always like to jump right into things and find ways to make it work but for such a big investment, I want to research a little more. Plus, my alma mater could very well chose not to accept me in the program so I would need to take the GMAT so I could apply to other schools as alternatives. I also want to consider putting school aside a little longer and focus on my career path for a bit.

So those are my thoughts! I guess if I do apply I’ll be waiting to hear if I’ll be shopping for back to school supplies for myself or not. Either way, I’m sure I’ll make it work!

Thanks for reading!

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