Summer Haul!

Hey everyone! Here’s a ton of bits and bobs that I’ve bought so far this summer. It’s a mixture of everything so I’m going to get right into it. Here we go!


First up is the beauty items I got at Target. I bought the Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette. I bought it in shade 265, Auburn. So far I really like it! I’m actually scared of doing my eyebrows most of the time as I feel like it looks way too dark but this one works out pretty well.

I also repurchased the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte Pressed Powder in 230, Natural Buff. If you’ve read my blog a lot in the past, this one won’t surprise you at all!

I also got the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray. I like it actually so I’m glad I picked this up when I ran out of the Wet n Wild spray I’d been using.

I also picked up two Lorac Alter Ego lipsticks from Ulta. I picked up the shade CEO which is a nudey pink shade and Secret Agent which is a nudey brown shade. Clearly I’m still obsessed with the nude shades.


I found a little booth at the Libertyville Days summer festival with soaps! I got a Gardenia soap, shea butter soap, and a sandalwood vanilla as well as two bath bombs (Lavender and Vanilla I believe), and because of a promotion the vendor had for the fair she also gave me a lip balm and a shea butter lotion. I’ve started using the Sea Breezes soap and the balm. I think the soap could be a little more scented but it’s good and I like the balm a lot.


At Target I also picked up a box of Kind bars of the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate flavor and the Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars flavored Oats ‘n Honey. I love the Nature Valley ones but I haven’t tried the Kind bars yet.


And again from Target I picked up these fake flowers in a little pot. I thought it was just too cute! The pot is white ceramic and has a gold band on the bottom. I originally bought it to put on the shelf in my office once my dad finally puts it up (he refuses to let me do it) but I think it’ll be too heavy so it’s found a temporary home on top of my bookshelf. I plan to do a bookshelf tour soon and an office tour once I’m done redecorating it (which will take longer).


I finally found a frame for my picture with Hanna Hart from BookCon! I got a simple white frame for the picture that still shows the glass. I’m really glad I picked it up!

Straw Cup!

I wasn’t sure what heading to use for this one so I just decribed the product. I got a straw cup at the Libertyville Days booths. It is clear and has my name spelled out in American Sign Language! I love it! I’ve been trying to teach myself ASL for about a year and a half and have not gotten far but I want to continue trying and maybe take a class in the fall. I love this!!!


I also picked up two books this summer. The first was from a local antique store, Documents of American History. I haven’t looked through it too much but it has important documents like the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, and various other documents through the history of the U.S.

I also found a copy at my local public library for sale of Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. I was so happy to find it as I was about to buy it for full price at Barnes and Noble! Since I paid $.25 for this I love it already!



The first thing I bought this month equestrian related was a helmet. I didn’t really like the idea of using the helmets at the barn that anyone can use so I bought my own. The brand is Ovation and I don’t really know anything about helmet brands but the sales person seemed to really trust this one. It was even better when one of the instructors at the barn I ride at had the same one as me! I was quite pleased with my purchase. I almost want to get a decal of my initials to put on my helmet to make it a little prettier but I might be too shy to do that. We’ll see!

I also got these horse treats for Sapphire and Kerrie, the two school horses I’ve ridden so far. First is from a brand called Mane Street Bakery. It seems to be an all natural carrot biscotti treat. I’m thinking the horses would love carrots just as much or apples but I couldn’t resist!

I also bought some ridiculous pop tart like treats from a brand called Snaks Fifth Avenchew. They’re all natural and seem to be mostly sugar so hopefully they like them because they were quite a bit more than I wanted to spend on snacks.

And lastly I bought two sets of gloves during a sale at Dover Saddlery. They are both from the brand SSG. One is a pair of gloves that are labelled as “all weather” gloves. They have horseshoes arranged in a way that make them look like hearts which I found adorable. The second is a pair of navy blue plain gloves that seem to be for colder weather. I’ll probably use these mostly in my car in the winter as I like to have gloves ready to slip on but they seem to have more grip than the others.

And that’s my haul! I’m sure I’ll buy more things but I’ve chosen to just put these up as it was getting pretty long already. I also know I bought clothing but unfortunately I’ve already put them away before taking pictures so I have quite honestly forgotten what exactly I bought. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the haul though! Let me know what you’ve been buying or if you know anything about horse treats that horses will love and won’t embarrass me to bring to the barn leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

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