My June Life!

June was a pretty quiet month for me actually. If you read my June books post you know that I spent a lot of time reading and not so much time adventuring but ah well. I did have some pretty good times though!


First up was my sister’s graduation! My little sister, affectionately known as “Pillow” walked across the stage and graduated from Knox College! Am I still bitter that she didn’t pick my alma mater? Yes. Am I still happy for her? OF COURSE! It was a beautiful day and we had a great time there. Plus I’m super happy that I don’t have to make the about 4 hour journey to and from Knox ever again too.

The best part is, my sister comes home again! She and I are very close and we do so many things together that it’s tough when she’s not home because I don’t have my buddy. Now that she’s back we hang out tons and she’s even going to start working at the same place I do! (She got her offer today!) I’m excited and thrilled!

Welcome home and congratulations Pillow!!!


Happy two month riding anniversary to me! Here’s a few pictures for you to enjoy of myself and Sapphire (from my June riding update post). We’re really getting used to each other and I feel like I’m getting the hang of it although my instructor did tell me that she might put me on a different horse this week and we could go trail riding. Seeing as how there’s thunderstorms in the forecast for this week I’m not sure that’ll happen but still pretty exciting to look forward to!

This month was also my town’s Nostalgia Days and a neighboring town’s Libertyville Days. I always attend both of these festivals but only on Saturdays. While they’re events that last Thursday(ish)-Sunday, the best is on Saturday mornings, in my opinion. In my town on Saturday mornings, Nostalgia Days features a car show on the main street downtown. My favorite car of the day (pictured above) was a lovely vintage orange Ford Mustang but there were Impalas, Corvettes, army vehicles, and more. We also stopped by the antique store downtown as well since we almost never shop downtown and enjoyed a bit of browsing.

We then drown down to a town about half hour away for their Libertyville Days. Unfortunately I didn’t save many of my SnapChats from the day but I do have a picture of the Waffle Cone Frappuccino from Starbucks! It was my first Frappuccino in ages. I also bought a ton of things from the little booths they had set up but I’m saving all those items for a haul post that I think I’ll put up next week. Keep your eye out for it! But my sister and I enjoyed some live music from a brass band and got to pet some dogs and hang out together all day. We had a blast!

Food Truck Fridays! I think they’re going to be in every month’s recap post. I finally had the chicken avocado from the wraps truck. I also got a strawberry Italian soda which I liked but I think it made my stomach hurt. And I also got the Cookie Dough Cupcake from the cupcake truck. They were all delicious! I also got an Italian beef wrap as well but I don’t have a picture of it and it wasn’t that great but the rest of everything was!

And last but not least, I attended a Baptism! This time it was Baby Izzy’s Baptism. Izzy’s full first name is Isaiah and he’s my friend Stephanie’s son. Unfortunately I don’t have the picture of Izzy, his mommy, and me because Steph won’t give it to me (something about a scrapbook) but I did take a very cute picture of Izzy before his baptism when he was still in his little car seat and another friend took one of the two of us at the forest preserve where his party was taking place.

His church service was very nice. There were three other children being baptized at the same time as Izzy. Three of them (including Izzy) couldn’t walk yet but the fourth did and she was a wild child. While water was being poured over their heads Izzy was the only one that didn’t cry. He was so good! I’m not religious at all but it was very nice to be able to share that moment with Stephanie, Izzy, and their family.

I got to hold him for a good portion of his party because people kept walking up and saying hi to him but then would walk away and leave him! I was so confused. Didn’t anyone want to hold this baby??? But Izzy and I had a great time and we got quality cuddle time in. I also got to hang out with a few friends there (we all work together) so it was nice to spend time outside of the office with each other.

And that’s my month! Like I said, not overly thrilling but it was nice all the same. Plus my sister graduated and that’s pretty much the best thing ever! Let me know how your June went below and here’s to a happy July for all of us!

Thanks for reading!

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