My Pottermore Results!

Hello everyone! So I know I haven’t mentioned this much on my blog but I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Like most people I have read the books countless times, seen the movies almost as many times, and pre-ordered the new Harry Potter play’s script, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


Seriously I’m a huge fan. So when Pottermore first launched back in my college days I entered all my email addresses in order to be invited to the page. I finally got in, completely sure that I’d be sorted into Gryffindor, my preferred house. Alas, I was sorted into Ravenclaw.

I was disappointed and shocked. In my mind I had always been a Gryffindor. So I took the quiz again with my second email address and… Ravenclaw again! I started to accept my fate and my new house. Some time later I did end up trying again and ended up with Slytherin. I just couldn’t win!

In the years since taking the sorting quiz I have come to strongly identify as a Ravenclaw. But all my life I’ve dreamed of walking through Hogwarts and experiencing the magic for myself.

Lo and behold, the revamped Pottermore site has given us the opportunity to be sorted again! I logged in and prepared to take the quiz. Now, if I’m being honest, I still firmly believe I’m a Ravenclaw, but I’ve been feeling more Gryffindor lately. I wasn’t sure what the Sorting Hat would think. I went through the quiz, carefully answering each question and…

Photo from

I can’t even. I actually was placed in Gryffindor. Also the old site had more in depth information on the House you were sorted into if I remember correctly. Oh well.

I then decided to try my luck with the American school’s sorting quiz. J.K. Rowling has unveiled Ilvermorny, the American Hogwarts. Ilvermorny (don’t ask me to prounouce it, I have no clue. Il-ver-morn-y?) has four new houses for fans to be sorted into. I read the entire story behind the American school on Pottermore and determined myself to be a member of the house of the mind, the Horned Serpent. I wasn’t sure if I could take another disappointment but I prepared myself and took the quiz. My results?

Photo from

Yay! At least I got the house I wanted for this one. Unfortunately the page for the Horned Serpent is even more bare than the Gryffindor page. Sigh.

And lastly, I took the wand quiz. Every time I took it on the old Pottermore page the wand I ended up with was Willow, around 10 inches (I think), and I can’t remember what the core had been. This time…

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.38.59 PM

I got a Black Walnut wand that’s 12 1/4″ long, with a dragon heartstring core, and unyielding flexibility. Because of the Black Walnut my confidence has to be 110% or the wand will get lazy and not be as powerful as it needs to be to live up to it’s potential. The fact that I’m short but have a wand of average-long length means that I’ve got a big personality. And the dragon heartstring means that the wand will learn quickly but have a short temper that could cause oopsies and potentially turn evil. Lovely.

Oh and apparently I’m super inflexible. That’s totally true, I’ve never been able to do the splits. JK (pun intended) it just means I’m not adaptable which I recognize and try hard to understand.

So that’s my Pottermore results! Overall I found the quizzes to be beautifully presented but mentally confusing when the results don’t go your way. The descriptions were lacking of each house but perhaps more information is to come. And I think J.K. did a great job with her Ilvermorny writing. I was honestly very worried that the quality of the writing and the story behind the school would not be as thought out as Hogwarts. I shouldn’t have doubted J.K. for a second because the story was amazing!

Let me know if you’ve taken the Pottermore quiz and your results in the comments. Or just write anything Harry Potter related. It would make my day!

Thanks for reading!


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