My June Favorites!

Hey everyone! Time for my June Favorites! I don’t have many make up favorites so I’ve included other favorites as well. Here we go!

Make Up

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I’ve been obsessed with the Cover FX Matte Setting Powder. I bought this at the recommendation of a Sephora employee. I like it a lot and I do see a great reduction in the amount of oil that I see throughout the day. While I generally have to powder again at the end of the day it lasts much longer than other products I’ve tried.


This month I’ve also been loving the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. I’d forgotten I had this but I’ve recently pulled it back out. I really like it although I can’t really use it often because it is meant to make you look dewy and I have an oily t-zone. On days when I use it I know that I’ll need to powder a bit more than usual.

I’ve been a big fan of the “no makeup” makeup look this month. Because of this I’ve been wearing my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer which is perfect for this look. I love that it has SPF in the product. I only have a small travel size from the Sephora check out line traps but I think I’m going to repurchase in a different shade once I run out.


I know, I mention this all the time but I’m still loving the Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation as much as I did when I first discovered it. Since I mention it so often I won’t go on about it again but you can read my review here!


And since it’s summer and I spend a lot more time outdoors I also bought a new bottle of my favorite sunscreen, Eucerin Daily Protection Face Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF30. It’s pretty light weight and good for sensitive skin. I also find that it isn’t oily and dries quickly.


While my face is still oily, my body has been very, very dry. Luckily past me forsaw this issue and kept a little bottle of Bath and Body Works Lotion in Fresh Strawberries at my desk at work. Thanks past me! This lotion has been incredibly helpful and it smells great which means I get a ton of compliments.



I have three food favorites this month. First up is the Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookie Thins. I like these because I don’t often eat breakfast at home so it’s good to have stuff at my desk to eat when I get to work because I am usually starving by that time.


I also love snacking on the Trader Joe’s Raw Almonds throughout the day as well. Trader Joe’s is the only place I can find a large bag of raw almonds. If I find raw almonds anywhere else it’s usually in a tiny bag for the same price as this one. And larger bags are usually salted almonds or mixed nuts. These definitely work best for me.

And no pictures of this but I have loved lunch from Noodles and Company this month. My friend Stephanie and I have gone at least once a week this month. My favorite has been the Chicken Veracruz for salads and the Bankok Curry for pasta from what I’ve tried this month. My all time favorite pasta though is the Alfredo MontAmore. I try to get something new every time so its getting hard to remember what I’ve tried and what I haven’t but it’s all delicious so I don’t mind at all!



And my favorite horse of the month is of course Sapphire! She and I are getting along so much better now and she even lets me take a selfie with her now. While I hope to ride a different horse sometime so I don’t only get used to one horse, I like her lots. To read more on my fun adventures in horse riding lessons click here for my latest update!

So those are my June Favorites! Up next will be the books I’ve read this month on Friday and my monthly life update next week on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading!



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