My June Equestrian Life Update!

Hey everyone! I’m going to start writing more about my Equestrian Adventures (as I think of them in my head) and giving monthly updates on my lessons. 

I’m still having a great time with my lessons. Sapphire and I have really turned out relationship around. At first I was so sure she HATED me, she refused to listen to me, and also I was just terrified of her.


Now she and I really like each other although it might be mostly because she knows I bring her a bunch of carrots to eat after every lesson. I feel much more confident around her now too and feel more comfortable in the saddle. I really feel that when she sees me coming she’s more “oh hi again” than “dammit lady go away” so we’re making real progress.


  • I learned to canter! It’s a lot more fun and slightly more terrifying than I thought it would be.
  • I can now get Sapphire out of her stall on my own or fetch her from her paddock on my own and get her hooked up to start brushing her. I can also tack her up mostly on my own, except for the saddle. I’m worried I’ll tighten her saddle too much. (More on that under challenges.)
  • I’m getting better at sitting the trot and realizing when the reins have slipped and gotten too long in my hands.
  • I survived and avoided being thrown off Sapphire for the first time! She spooked when someone came in through the door without warning while we were cantering around the indoor arena but I managed to stay on and calm her. Phew!
  • I can tell Sapphire apart from the other white spotted horses at the barn! (I was legitimately worried that I had the wrong horse once because I was super confident that I had the right one. Yup, so confident that I was sure I was wrong…)


  • I’m still quite bouncy in the trot.
  • I would be very nervous to put Sapphire’s saddle on her myself. Apparently someone once tightened her saddle way too tightly and too quickly a few years back and she still gets agitated when she’s being saddled up. I think that’s something I’ll have to work up to.
  • I know I have to work on being more firm with Sapphire. My instructor is always telling me to brush her harder, kick her harder, etc.
  • I can get Sapphire out of her stall but getting the door open is SUPER HARD. It’s an old barn so the door hinge can get stuck and I’m not talented enough to open it on my own when it does.
  • I’m still on a Western saddle. My instructor is not planning to put me on an English saddle anytime soon so that’s unfortunate but I’ll be patient.
  • Because there are only three helmets at the barn and sometimes they get left around I don’t always use one. I am planning to buy myself my own helmet soon as I also don’t really like the idea of putting something on my head that a stranger also put on.


Notable Quotes

Instructor: Don’t look at her! Look at where you’re going.

Me: But she’s so pretty I want to look at her!


Instructor: Kick her harder to get her to trot! She’s not listening!

Me: But I don’t want to hurt her!

Instructor: She gets kicked by horses and trust me, you can’t kick harder than a horse.


Instructor: *Going on and on about my future riding plans* And someday you can ride bareback!

Me: If you don’t want me to come back you can just tell me you know, no need to scare me to death!



Instructor: I was worried about you, you’re never late!

Me: I’m sorry! I had to go back home because I almost forgot the carrots!

Instructor: Oh, I understand that.


Instructor: Heels down!

Instructor: Heels down!

Instructor: HEELS DOWN!

Me: I feel like this is a good time to tell you I used to take dance …



July Goals

  • I’d like to finally get a good seat in the trot and continue to work on my canter.
  • I look forward to having more lessons outdoors. I like being inside but outside is a pretty cool place to be.
  • I’d like to be able to tack up Sapphire all on my own (likely won’t happen in July because of the saddle thing but I’ll work on it).
  • Make a friend at the barn besides my instructor (doubtful this will happen as there’s never really too many people there when I am and most people are busy with their horses).
  • Buy a helmet!!!

So that’s my June update! I can’t wait to see what exciting equestrian adventures await in July. If you have any tips for not bouncing like crazy in a trot please leave me a comment below. Or any tips in general!

Thanks for reading!


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