Office Fashion! – OOTD

Hello everyone! Although I meant to do at least one Outfit of the Day post a week when I first started this blog last November, I never actually did it. To try and correct that here’s a few outfits I’ve put together over the past few months that I’ve worn to my office job. Since the office dress code is business casual with jeans, all of my outfits in this post will be me in jeans.

VSCO Cam-3

First outfit is one that I don’t wear too often now that it’s warm out but I loved it. The top is from Aeropostale and is white with thin black stripes. I don’t know where the vest is from as my mom passed it on to me but I love it because it’s super fuzzy and warm. The books in this picture (hard to see because they’re so dark) are tall Ralph Lauren boots.

VSCO Cam-6

This one is something I do wear often just without the boots. Same boots as above, tall Ralph Laurens. The top is a red/pink top with brown animal print details on it. Since it’s a no sleeve top I pair it with this white cardigan that I can throw on when it’s cold (inside the office all the time) or take off when it’s warm (everywhere but the office).

VSCO Cam-8

Next up is this outfit that reminds me of summer but I can’t really wear in summer! I got the sweater at JC Penny and the colors are super bright and happy. But since it’s a sweater I can’t really get away with it in the summer, even though the office is usually cold. The shoes are Sperry’s that I have not yet been told are inappropriate for the office so I’ll keep wearing them although I would say they’re borderline acceptable. But maybe not really.

VSCO Cam-7

This is one of my favorite outfits ever. The top is from Express and has a dark blue middle part and black 3/4 sleeves. The heeled ankle boots are from Vince Camuto and although I don’t wear them in the summer I usually pair this top with a pair of nude flats.

So there are some of my outfits! I’ll try to post outfits more regularly while still in the season that I wear them. Also, the lighting in the bathroom where this selfie mirror is located is not the greatest but at least you get to see all of my outfit! Since this is my first OOTD I definitely didn’t realize that I should probably take closer pictures as well. Now I do know so I’m going to keep that in mind for next time.

Thanks for reading!


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