ARC Book Review: We are Unprepared

Hello everyone! Today I’m review the ARC of We are Unprepared by Meg Little Reilly. (I’ll avoid major spoilers.)


I received this ARC at BookCon 2016 (read more here). This book has a release date coming up of August 30, 2016. From her Goodreads page this author gives her background as a government and public radio employee. This is her first novel, which is published by Harlequin.

We are Unprepared features the main character, Ash, and his wife, Pia. The novel starts shortly after their move to Vermont from New York City where they purposefully try to make their life more glamorous than it is to impress their city hipster friends. Soon afterwards their town, Isole, becomes divided into factions with Ash and Pia taking opposite sides.

As this is an ARC I went into it expecting to find some errors and inconsistencies. Before BookCon I hadn’t known what an ARC was so I did Google it beforehand. I did find a few things that I thought didn’t quite make sense or needed to be fixed but for the most part I didn’t find anything too distracting from the story.

Because the release date was coming up I did convince myself to start the book with the intent to write a review but I had no problems finishing it. I really enjoyed this book actually. It was a good story and although the storm didn’t start for awhile I didn’t think it was lagging although I did try to read faster to get to the storm part.

I really enjoyed the character of Ash and his relationships with the people of Isole. At the start of the novel I actually preferred the character of Pia, however, as the news of the storm broke and Pia started to side with the “preppers” (those who wanted to prepare for chaos after the storm and go off the grid) I found myself liking Ash a lot more. Ash finds himself working with the town leaders to rally the town into looking out for each other and helping each other get ready for the storm. Of course, this causes quite a few problems in their marriage.

The story was very entertaining and there were many plot points that were introduced and quickly resolved, which helped ease the wait to the actual storm start and end. It was also nice to see Ash’s ties to Isole grow and his relationships change with the people around him as the plot thickens. I will point out that I didn’t enjoy the end quite so much as the rest of the book, because it felt very rushed. It was much more like an epilogue than it was another chapter.

One thing I expected more of was the environmentalism aspect of the book, especially when I looked up the author and noticed that she described herself as an environmentalist. Sure, Pia does end up trying to start a compost bin in the house and they do use a fire place rather than central heating as well as specifically mention in the beginning that a big part of their move was to live more organically but I found that Ash’s perspective wasn’t too concerned about living green. If anything their neighbor Peg sure did, as did prepper Crow, however, green living wasn’t as prominent as you would think. Of course, the Storm is caused by the effects of global warming and some news casts that Ash and Pia listen to does try to explain them but the residents of Isole themselves could care less about the root of the storm.

I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. I did enjoy it and found it to be a good read. I’d love to read it again once the finished book comes out however I do have quite a few ARCs to read before their release dates and a lot of books I checked out from the library. I did enjoy this type of book, although my boss firmly passed on the idea of reading this as she said she’d much rather avoid books with problems that severe which could potentially take place in the real world. I certainly understand that feeling but I would recommend checking this book out.

Let me know what books you’ve been enjoying!

Thanks for reading!

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